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Mr Patrol

Name: Mr Patrol

Description: Mr. Patrol App is a surveillance app. This allows you to monitor your cameras online. It's easy to use and designed to simplify your surveillance solution. Users can access playback for export to others and save files directly to the phone. The app has different customized settings for each customer and lets users remove and add features based on their needs. You can download this app on your PC.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Application Category: Business

  • Setup
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Rating

Key Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Stabilize recording cam
  • Support horizontal and vertical mode
  • Easy Device List Management
  • Support P2P connection.


  • Provides real-time data
  • Minor in size but seamless in performance
  • Increases security
  • Helps reduce crime
  • Increases the protection of businesses and employees


  • Could be hacked
  • Observe fixed area

MrPatrol is a convenient and easy way to control and manage IP cameras. This is a great tool through which you can manage your IP camera or camcorder. It also has a feature PTZ control where you can monitor your stuff if you’re not around. It includes an option for screenshots and playback, not only that all videos are stored in your device’s memory, but you can easily review your own stuff.

MrPatrol Security Camera is a free App to download and it is available for iOS and Android devices. If you are looking for a system to download the Mr. Patrol application to your PC, you will need to download and install some third party emulators on your PC as there is no official system to get Mr. Patrol for the PC. Below is how to install this game on a PC.

Features Of Mr Patrol App:

Zoom in and out

Camera videos can be zoomed in and out to see things remotely and nearby.

Gallery mode

With Gallery mode, users can save and store files directly on the phone and be able to export to others.

Easy device list management

The devices are easy to insert and manage. Can be removed if needed.

Install Mr Patrol App for PC:

To install Mr. Patrol App for PC, you need to follow these simple steps below.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC.
  2. At the end of the installation, you will see the Bluestacks Emulator interface.
  3. Then download the Mr. Patrol App for PC from this link.
  4. Downloading will take some time. Once done, open your download folder and double click on Mr. Patrol App.
  5. Finally, you will see your Mr. Patrol App app in Bluestacks. Click on the app’s icon to use Mr. Patrol App for PC.

Install Mr Patrol Apk for Android:

Currently, Mr. Patrol App is not available in Play Store. Follow the steps below to download Mr. Patrol App.

  • Download the Mr. Patrol App for Android from this link.
  • Downloading will take some time. Finally, you will see your Avia Media Player app on your device. Click on the app’s icon to use Mr. Patrol App on your Android.
Developer: RNC Network
Price: Free
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot
  • Mr.Patrol Screenshot

How to Use Mr Patrol App:

To register a new DVR server

You must register new DVR servers for the first time when you launch MrPatrol. Click the menu button and select the + icon.

Enter the appropriate information for your DVR server.

  • Server Name: The name you want to associate with the DVR server
  • IP Address: IP address or a DDNS name.
  • Server Port: Port number (provide from DVR setup).
  • Username: username (default “admin”).
  • Password: The user’s password.

When you are finished, click the Save button in the upper right. Click DVR Info for a few seconds to change the server setting.

To view live

Click DVR Server Information. “Please Wait” will be displayed. (It will take a few seconds depending on the network environment.)

The screen then displays the first channel in the DVR live view.

To view Multi-Channels

Click the Division button. The sliding view will appear in the live view so you can change the channel or section you want. Depending on the maximum channel server maximum, the channel and category type is 1,4 and 16 category modes.

To save the image

  1. Click the phone’s menu button.
  2. Then the ‘Save Image’ screen appears at the bottom.
  3. Saves a snapshot.
  4. To find a saved snapshot, go to the phone’s gallery menu.

PTZ control mode

  • If the PTZ camera is set to DVR, the PTZ button will automatically appear and you can control the PTZ camera.
  • PTZ functions are controlled by touch.
  • You can zoom-in, zoom-out, focus-in, focus-out function with the menu button.

Digital-zoom mode

The digital zoom in and zoom out will be dragged by two finger touches and zoomed in like a smartphone.

To search recorded files

You can search for the recorded file by clicking the Search button.

  1. Select the desired date.
  2. Drag the blue time bar as you want.

You can also view multi-channel playback by selecting ‘Division’ Selection.

Alternatives For Mr Patrol App:


TechOne-AHD is a P2P way to watch IPCs and DVRs, Plugs and Plays around the world. The TechOne-AHD connected device has both IP type and GID type. IPType: If your device does not have GID or fails to use GID for connection, you can select IP type and use the normal IP address or URL to connect the device. GIDType: By default, this type of connected device, you can get rid of the annoying task of port forwarding and setting an IP address, using the GID device to get connection information to the Goolink server.

Basic Features:

  • Stream videos via WiFi or 3G 
  • Watch 4 live video streams with the phone and 16 with the iPad
  • Device management
  • Snapshot and browse pictures
  • Record and playback video
  • PTZ Control
  • Support landscape and portrait orientation
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Digital ZOOM
  • Use QRcode to add new device

Onvia Viewer

The Onvia Viewer enables remote monitoring and control of the site regardless of distance and time. This mobile CMS enables the user to monitor and search with multiple displays, PTZ controls and preset, audio, alarm control and image capture functions. The iOS version can be downloaded for the smartphone and from the Appstore.

Basic Features:

  1. Live monitoring users can remotely monitor the site using the mobile app
  2. Multi-channel support (1/4/9 / 16ch)
  3. Changing the channel by finger slip
  4. Auto transforms the horizontal and vertical view
  5. Audio supported
  6. Mobile remote playback calendar search function support channel change by finger slip
  7. Image Capture and Gallery Image capture function in both live and playback mode


The iDVR-Vue2 application is only compatible with Win4Net DVR. It does not work on any home TV DVR, IP camera or third party DVR. iDVR-Vue2 lets you view and search CCTV remotely from your Win4Net branded DVR server.

  • Basic features:
    • Remembers DVR connection information for fast access
    • Watch up to 16 channels directly at once
    • Just tap a camera to show full screen
    • Intuitive touch screen PTZ control
    • Single channel full screen mode
    • Changing the channel by touching the finger
    • PTZ – Fingerprint Pan
    • Support Presets
    • Supports JPEG codecs.


What is Mr. Patrol App?

Mr. Patrol App is a connection app that connects your smartphone to your network of surveillance cameras.

What are the characteristics of Mr. Patrol?

Mr. Patrol lets you view the camera’s live feeds, watch recorded playback, receive notifications, and control the camera from a distance.

How can I download Mr. Patrol for a PC?

To download Mr. Patrol on your PC you need to run the app through Android Emulator because there is no official download for Windows.


This app is very light but works very heavy. You can easily monitor your home or office from your smartphone. You will find many more such apps for comparison.

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