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Multisim For MAC | Free Download – 2021 Latest Version

Multisim for mac

Multisim for mac

Name: Multisim

Description: Multisim is a simulation program that is used for making electronic circuits. It is being used for designing the circuits, and it is used to employ the Berkeley Spice. You can not only create circuits but also simulate with the Power of Spice. You can create your circuits and share them with others, and you can check other circuits as well. You can get updated data over Multisim without any upgrading and reinstalling it. You can use it live without any software installation. It is a virtual lab on the desktop.

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Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • A virtual lab.
  • It reduces the cost of equipment.
  • It provides analog and digital simulation.
  • It teaches real-world troubleshooting.
  • It provides lectures with animations.
  • It provides quality education.
  • You can share your ideas and circuits online and can see the other circuits.

What is new in Multisim?

  • Multisim Live is a new feature of Multisim. It enables you to get online lab items.
  • You can get all the equipment in the virtual lab. It gives lectures that have animations.
  • You can share your ideas and circuits online and can see the other circuits.
  • It provides quality education and digital simulation.
  •  It provides concepts to students by demonstrating the design of circuits.

Multisim for Mac version is not available on the market, that’s why you need to use other apps to design your circuits.

How to download and Install Multisim for Mac

Multisim for mac:

As we discussed that Multisim is only for Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you have macOS and Linux operating systems, you cannot get it on these operating systems. There are two methods to get Multisim on macOS.


The National instrument provides the solution to users who are not using a Windows operating system; they can use Multisim Live at You can use all features in the live session.  It is totally web based and there is no need of installation in it.

Multisim Live

It provides all facilities to users. You can test the behavior of testing along with the simulation. You can create and simulate the circuits as well.

How to create a circuit online

To make a circuit on Multisim, you need to follow a few steps, which are given below.

  • Go to the browser and write the URL
  • If you have an account go to the login page and enter essential credentials on the log in page.
  • Click on Source subpallete.
  • Now, click on the AC Voltage and tap on word space.
  • You can drag and drop the component as well.
  • You can get all the required components on the left side of the web page.
  • Now, create your circuit according to your needs.

Saving the file

To save the file, you need to follow the following instructions given below.

  • Click on the tap in the title bar.
  • Enter RC Filter in the name section.
  • You can select the private and public sections.
  • Tap on OK.

How to simulate a design


To simulate a design, you need to know the following things as follows.

  • Drag and drop the voltage on a circuit.
  • Select and run the simulation.
  • Tap play in the toolbar.
  • Tab setting icon to change the configuration of the design. 
  • You can get more instruction

How we get Multisim on Windows

Multisim is a software for Microsoft Windows; you just need to follow a few steps to get it on your PC.

How to download Multisim on PC

To download the software on your Window PC, you need to follow the instruction given below.

  • Go to the Browser and search for Multisim.
  • Now click on the Link.
  • Go to the downloads and download the Multisim for your operating system.
  • You can get the Multisim according to your needs and requirements.
  • It is paid software.
  • You just need to fill a form, if you want to download.

How to Install Multisim Software on PC?

For installation, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Once the downloading finished, go to the folder.
  • Double click on the executable file for the installation procedure.
  • Now, the wizard will open, you need to click on the unzip button to get all the files to unzip.
  • Now, enjoy the software on your PC.

Best Multisim Alternative

1. Circuit Simulator

It is the software for simulation. You can use it on Windows, macOS, and web-based as well. Green color shows a positive voltage while the gray indicates ground and red color indicate a negative voltage. It shows the current by moving yellow dots.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Download from Official website:

2. QUCS (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator)

It is a simulated circuit; you can set up the circuit with Graphical User Interface (GUI). You can view the results when the simulation finished.

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux.

Download from Official website

3. LTSpice

It is the high-performance simulator and capturing voltage device. It is used to view the waveform of current moving through the circuit that you created on the software.

Operating system: Windows, macOS.

Official website

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Multisim For Mac
  1. What does the meaning of the circuit to be private?

It is the privacy of your circuits. You can make it online and mark it as private; it will be visible to you only. It is the new feature in Multisim Live that you can mark it as public or private depends on the user’s choice.

  1. Which browsers and devices does Multisim support?

Multisim supports Google Chrome, Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple devices, Android devices, and Google Nexus 7 and 9.

  1. How do I get more instruments on Multisim?

To get more components on the Multisim, you need to follow a few instructions given below.

  • Open Multisim.
  • Navigate to the All Program> National Instruments > Circuit Design.
  • Select Place> Components.
  • Click on search and search for the new components.


Multisim is the software enables you to create circuits and simulate them. It offers a schematic layout to users. You can create your circuits and share them with others, and you can check other circuits as well.  Also you can check the behavior of circuits and can easily understand the design.

You can get better concepts during a live simulation. Multisim Live acts as Virtual lab and you can get 200 above components in it. You can change the privacy of sharing your circuit as well by selecting Private or public. It reduces the cost of equipment.

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