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Mystic Messenger For PC

Mystic Messenger For PC

Name: Mystic Messenger

Description: Mystic Messenger for PC is a romance aligned app that brings into life the imaginations you get while reading a female-oriented novel in which you become an active actor whenever you play. As a player, you are to take a female character role in which you are tasked to find other members of the Rikita Fundraising Association and organize a party which they have been eagerly waiting for. The play takes you at least 11 days to complete a single route. The app is initially developed for Android and iOS users but can also be used in your PC.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • One of the most entertaining and engaging game.
  • Brings on board the best storyline of games.
  • Attractive interface makes it easy to play.
  • Allows you to chat with other attractive characters.
  • You’re able to join parties, including RFA team.


  • Individual routes with vast contents.
  • Free to play.
  • Beautiful interface.
  • Wonderful tracks.
  • Great Writing arts.


  • Could have a little more tracks.
  • Presence of bugs.

Mystic Messenger is a South Korean female oriented visual novel game developed by Cheritz.

Features Of Mystic Messenger App:

Much is said about Mystic Messenger being the best novel based game, we can find out that ourselves by having a look at its features below.

Entertaining and Engaging:

How else would you describe a game that takes you through a series of adventures and tasks in eleven days if not entertaining and engaging? Mystic Messenger not only gives you a platform to engage your mind and energy but also create new friends and have fun while at it. It is an event that takes place in real-time as you are required to get partners along the way towards your success in achieving your mission in the game.

Best Storylines:

Mystic messenger brags of one of the most sorts after storylines in the gaming market. It presents a unique plot that makes it stand out among the rest. It is because of the storyline that almost 340,000 of the one million users who have already downloaded it, have given it an average of 4.6-star review.

Attractive Interface:

The latest model of Mystic messenger incorporates a beautiful interface that brings the spirit of the game on board as you play along. Apart from being attractive, it allows you as the main character to have your profile that is easy to access and trace the game progress of the routes you’ve played.

Chat and interact with cute characters:

During your game and adventure at Mystic Messenger, you get to interact with cute character guys who you befriend and also romance with, and somehow you may end up with a lover at the end of the adventure. The game has made sure all its characters are cute and attractive, and this adds spice to the whole game.

Ability to create and join Parties:

After spending the first day of the game on its prologue, the next three on the ‘common route’, followed by six days focusing on a character’s route, you will finish up the last day organizing a party for the RFA members who have been waiting for this party from you. This brings much more fun, mainly because it is the last task of the game.

How to install Mystic Messenger APK on PC:

We will use an emulator to install it on a PC and in this article we shall go through the installation steps using Nox player.

  • Make sure you download Nox Player and that it is functional in your computer. If you don’t have one, you can download it here.
  • Once you have downloaded and set your Nox Player into action, get your Mystic Messenger APK file from the web.
  • Go back to your already open Nox Player and search for Mystic Messenger to install.
  • The installation process will kick-off thanks to the Nox Player, wait for it to finish.
  • The Mystic Messenger app will then appear on your screen upon completion of installation.
  • Click on the Mystic Messenger app on your screen inside the Nox Player to launch it.
  • Download its data and proceed with the instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Enjoy using the Mystic Messenger on your PC.
Mystic Messenger
Mystic Messenger
Developer: Cheritz Co., Ltd
Price: Free+
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  • Mystic Messenger Screenshot
  • Mystic Messenger Screenshot
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  • Mystic Messenger Screenshot
  • Mystic Messenger Screenshot

How to use Mystic Messenger App on PC:

  1. The game kicks off by selecting your mode. Choose between the “Casual story” mode, the “Deep story” mode and the “Another story” mode to be able to meet various characters along with the game. The Casual story mode is free and highly recommended for beginners. However, you could use the modes concurrently in future.
  2. There are messages that you and the other characters will share. You will have to be alert so as not to miss a chat session which often comes up after 1-2 hours and with up to ten chat rooms opening up a day.
  3. In case you miss a chat session you can still read the conversation you missed but won’t be able to contribute to it for free, but if you want to contribute, you can press the button beside the chat room and use five hourglasses to participate.
  4. You can always use the call feature to reach the other characters by dialing their respective numbers that are stored in your phone book by default. The calls will cost you five hourglasses for each call. You can read more about phone calls here.

You can keep a collection of images in an album, send text messages and emails and do a lot of other staffs at Mystic Messenger while on your journey to the end. All these are undoubtedly fun activities you ought to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I fix Bug issues at Mystic Messenger?

Send a 1-on-1 to Cheritz so they can keep a record of it happening to you and fix it.

Do I lose information if I replay a route?

Not at all, your information is saved.

How does one start over?

By clicking ‘settings’ then ‘accounts’ then ‘start over’.

Popular Alternatives For Mystic Messenger App:

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This is a visual novel game just like Mystic messenger where you are trapped in a forest and have to save yourself from the forest which is cursed, through the choices you made which can either save you or ruin you. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

My Lady.

Another everyday romance and visual-novel game in which you play as a 17-year-old, and you’re now feeling it is okay for you to go after the butler that’s been thinking about you no matter the resistance from your mum. It is available on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. > (opens in a new tab)” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow” class=”rank-math-link”>Download here>>

A Little Lily Princess.

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If you are yet to get the Mystic Messenger for PC, you are missing a lot, and you are indeed late. For the love of adventure and creativity, you need to get your sleeve rolled up and swing into action to acquire accolades at Mystic messenger. The platform it offers is unmatched and ideal for someone like you. Give it a try.

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