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Notability For Mac

Notability for Mac

Name: Notability

Description: Notability for Mac is a powerful note-taker application that annotates documents, sketches ideas, take notes, record lectures and many more, all run in a Mac operating system. It helps you to create notes that fit your needs by combining typing, handwriting, audio recording and photos. These notes can be readily available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, thanks to iCloud support. In this article, we are going to talk about Notability and how it runs on Mac OS.

Offer price: $9.99

Operating System: MacOS

Application Category: Software

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  • Features
  • Performance
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Key Features:

  • Quick notes creation.
  • Notes enhancing.
  • Smart Keyboard.
  • Variety of fonts.
  • Variety of colors.
  • Diverse Writing styles.
  • Handwriting skills.
  • Audio Recording.
  • Import Audio.


  • Document storage.
  • Document revision history.
  • Annotations and markups.
  • Task planner.
  • Note sync.
  • Group sharing.
  • Search functionality.
  • Document recovery.


  • It could be available on other widely available operating systems.
  • The user interface could be much friendlier.

If you’re a student or are interested in a note taking app for any reason, I’m sure you’ve run into Evernote and Notability

Features of Notability App:

Being a powerful note-taking app, you would be desiring to know what features make this app to be able to perform the great works it does such as scaling handwriting and sketches, enhancing notes and making sure that the notes on Mac, iPad, and iPhone all look the same. Here are the features.

Quick notes creation.

Notability helps you to quickly create notes by dragging your documents, photos or audio clips from the desktop and dropping them into the library.

Notes enhancing.

It enhances your notes by dragging your photos, audio recordings, and PDFs from your desktop and dropping them onto a note.

Smart Keyboard.

It comes with a smart keyboard to help protect your devices from the bark as it doubles up as a keyboard on the front. The keyboard gives you better typing services making you achieve more than one who is using an average keyboard to type.

Variety of fonts.

The vast array of fonts available for you to choose from is something you would definitely smile about from this app. With these fonts, you can create word arts of your liking to fit your art needs.

Variety of colors.

On top of the fonts, notability offers you, it comes with a stream of colors for you to choose from and to even specifically satisfy your beautification imaginations. These two combinations give you the best word arts you can think of.

Diverse Writing styles.

The app allows you to customize the keyboard toolbar to access commonly used styles and tools such as bulleted list, numbered list, cursor controls among others. This helps you to diversify your writing techniques to produce unique write-ups.

Handwriting skills.

By using the trackpad mouse the app can give you one of the best-fine-tuned handwritings that is smooth and expressive.

Audio Recording.

Notability allows you to record audio and later syncs the audio with the notes you typed at the time of the recording. You can successfully record audio by tapping the microphone in the toolbar to begin recording.

Import Audio.

You can import audio recordings from other sources by dragging an audio file from another source into a note to add the file to the note’s recordings.

Notability for Mac:

Notability is available on Mac to give you high-quality services in a number of ways and sections. You would want to know how to install this app and how to use it to maximally enjoy all that it has to offer you. Let’s have a look at all these below.

How to Install Notability App:

Notability for Mac is available in the Mac Appstore and it requires MacOS 10.13 or later and works on all Macs.

  • After purchasing the Mac version of Notability, you can download it on as many Macs as you would wish.
  • If a Mac is logged in to an Apple ID you used to purchase Notability for Mac, the app will be available for free in your Mac’s list of purchased apps.
  • The purchase is a non-renewable transaction and when it seems like the Appstore wants to charge you again you should:
  • Log out of the Appstore.
  • Restart your device.
  • Log back into the Appstore.
Developer: Ginger Labs
Price: 8,99 €+
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 How to use Notability App:

  1. Typing Notes.
  2. Tap on the ‘T’ icon on the app.
  3. Tap on the screen to place the cursor on a line.
  • Making a Text Box.
  • Tap the ‘T’ icon.
  • Press and hold anywhere in a note.
  • Tap the ‘+Text Box’ button that appears.
  1. Highlighting Typed and PDF Text.
  2. Tap the ‘T’ icon.
  3. Double-tap a word to select it.
  4. Drag the selection handle as you desire to.
  5. Tap ‘Highlight’.
  6. To change the highlight color or to remove the highlighting, tap a highlighted word and use the menu that appears.

With these steps, you are good to get going with this app and satisfy your writing needs without struggles.

Alternatives for Notability for Mac:

Microsoft OneNote.

It is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It is a digital notebook application that gives you the space to gather notes and information. It also offers shared notebooks, syncing between multiple computers and devices via windows live online storage and optical character recognition (OCR) that is helpful in getting texts from pictures, business cards, and many others.

Zoho Notebook.

It allows you to combine texts, images, RSS feeds, videos, audios, documents among others. With this app you can select a single image or text extract from a page rather than the whole document and share with others, giving you, as an author, absolute control over what amount of information is shared with others. It also provides real-time collaborative editing, Firefox plug-ins for instant web clipping and Skype integration for instant chat and IP technology.


It is a note software specially designed for internet users and mobile internet users. It focuses more on notes of rapid collections, management, reading, and sharing. It is smaller, much stable and more suitable for computers and mobile devices.

It prides on a more abundant notes organization and rapid full-text retrieval. You can easily synchronize the notes between your computer and the cell phone by using the associated online service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I have Notability on iPad/iPhone, can I download it on my Mac?

Mac and iOS are separate platforms with their own Appstore and each has its own versions of Notability sold separately so you cannot possibly download one version of Notability from the other operating system. However, if you have Notability on both versions you can sync notes between them through iCloud.

How can I disable Apple Pencil after using it?

  • Open a note.
  • Tap the pencil tool twice.
  • Tap ‘Disconnect Apple Pencil’ from the menu that appears.

Is Notability safe to download?

This app is 100% safe to download and install into your device. Our download links are trusted and safe and are frequently scanned for a virus to see that you are safe from your end.


No need to worry if you find yourself in an impromptu important meeting but without a book and a pen to jot down those important points to take home with you. Notability for Mac is your rescue anytime anywhere and it does the job perfectly well.

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