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Note Recognizer for PC


Name: Note Recognizer

Description: By the way, every person sings or tries to sing. You may also sing songs but they are not harmonious. If you are looking for a voice trainer in this situation, then you have the Note Recognizer which will teach you voice. Note Recognizer for PC is an Android based app but you can also download it to your PC if you want.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Music & Audio app

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Key Features

Analyses the pitch frequency Right starting note of a song Works as  tuner Perfectly visible layout for dark venues Different note naming systems


Recording and playback Save and Load function Scale setting Tuner function


No fancy graphics Recognition range: E2 – G7 Live notation won’t work for whistling

Note Recognizer

for PC is for those who know the basics of music. This app analyzes the pitch frequency of the song and names the corresponding notes. Note Recognizer for PC is a great tool for those looking for the right starting note for the song! It also acts as a tuner for the guitar. Also check the tone with the flute, violin or any instrument. Although not very good graphics, perfectly visible layout and gloomy practice environment for dark places. You can choose from different note naming systems. This article will discuss how to install and use Note Recognizer for PC.


1. Live notation

Live notation serves as a sketchbook for your music concept. This will turn acoustic notes into musical notes. Click the live notation button on the screen, then you will see a white screen. The app listens for the note name shown in the header. Below is the record button. When the record button is pushed, the recording begins. The four beats are interpreted by four glowing lights. Play a tune and watch your score increase. If you make an accurate note on each beat, it will be marked as a quarter note. In addition, if two notes are made in one beat, they will be marked as eight notes. The recordings are converted to a midi file and play button is played to the midi file.

2. Improve the mess notes

First analyze the concept of the musical. Then decide which notes are in the beat. And then figure out which notes are in the beat.Then play, from time to time, beeps and flashing lights. Round sounds are better recognized than sharp words. Find a round sound for better results when using the keyboard.

Install for PC

Note Recognizer is readily available for Android. Note that you need to use the Android emulator to download the Recognizer on your PC. One of the most used and trusted Android emulators of the present day is the Bluestacks Android Emulator App. You can also use other emulators. We will show you how to download Note Recognizer on your PC using Bluestacks.

  • Download Bluestacks first from Bluestax’s official site.
  • Then, go to the Downloads folder, open Bluestacks and install it. Depending on the configuration of your PC, installation time may vary.
  • Go to the Bluestacks screen with your email and password.
  • Then, open the Play Store and search for Note Recognizer.
  • Click the Note Recognizer.
  • Then, click Install.

At the end of the installation, open the Note Recognizer and create a note.

You may need the article about Installing BlueStacks on your PC or mac.

Install for Android

  • open the Play Store and search for Note Recognizer.
  • Click the Note Recognizer.
  • Then, click Install.

At the end of the installation, open the Note Recognizer and create a note.

NOte recogniser anroid

How to Use

1. To find the screenshot

A file manager application is required to access the device’s file system. If the manager application is installed on the device then you will have to scroll to get the note reconnector directory by pushing ‘All Files’. This is where the expected screenshot can be found. If this app is not available then one must download from Google Play. Then search for ‘File Manager’.

2. To use acoustic piano or a keyboard without a midi connection

If you want to use an acoustic piano or a keyboard with no midi connection, use the headphones attached to your device when playing the note recognition app. This will improve the accuracy of note detection. 

3. Use MIDI

If you use a keyboard, use MIDI to improve note accuracy. MIDI will connect your device to your keyboard. Not using MIDI, but you can use MIDI if you want to play better music.

4. Increase keyboard volume

To improve your note, you can lower the volume of the app and press the keys on your keyboard or play the volume aloud.


1. Note recognition – convert music to sheet music

“Note recognition – convert music to sheet music” is an application that converts music to alternative sheet music. It allows you to learn new songs through recorded audio. You can change the speed of the audio or slow it down. This is perfect for those people who want to write or learn songs but don’t know how to do it. Chord cannot detect it because it does not have a specific chord recognition algorithm so do not play multiple notes at once.

2. Vocal pitch monitor

The Vocal Pitch Monitor App is for those who use Vocals through a PC or Smartphone using a microphone. It shows the pitch of the word being inputted into the graph. The horizontal axis denotes time and the vertical axis denotes the scale. The display range automatically scrolls. You can playback your record. It can be separated by color to create more than one note. You can save the recorded file to your desired location. You cannot record more than one musical and acoustic sound accurately, so you can record a maximum of 3 minutes.

3. Picked toner

The Pitched Toner app works well for a variety of musical instruments, such as the violin, flute, guitar and more besides the voice. For newcomers, this will be quite enjoyable as it is easy to control and clean. Provides responsive and precise algorithms for advanced players. You can tune all strings without touching the screen. The app has two modes, one is Instrument Tuner and the other is Chromatic Tuner. This app also acts as a pitch pipe.

Other music app for android you may love.


What is the Note app?

The note app is the only app through which notes can be detected. You can use it to identify the note of the song you are playing and singing. Notes can be viewed with frequency and shown in English or German inscriptions together with note offsets.

What are the types of voice and what are they?

Everyone’s range is specific to their voice. Generally, the vocal ranges are classified into 6 types. Namely: bass, tenor, alto, baritone, mezzo-soprano and soprano.

What is the Vocal Range?

The vocal range can produce a specific voice spanning from lowest to highest note. The vocal range in the context of the song is the total span of the music pitch that any singer can make. So your vocal range will help categorize your voice into different categories.


The quality of your device’s microphone can affect the performance of the application. If you want to get advanced level vocal training, it is best not to use this app. There are better products in the market, you can experience them.

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