Oclhashcat for PC (Windows7, 8, 10)/ Mac/ OSX

Oclhashcat for PC

Name: Oclhashcat

Description: Oclhashcat for PC is freeware under MIT license famous for password recovery based on GPU. It is used for recovering plaintext strings for a variety of hashing methods. It has been used to crack even very complex of passwords within a short time since GPU has more cores than CPU.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows, Mac, OSX

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The good: Oclhashcat is a very fast and versatile software compared to other hacking tools. Since it is a machine learning model it is useful as a forensic decryption tool. The bad:  It does not support multi-GPU in mixed configurations The bottom line: due to the effectiveness of oclhashcat and hashcat security for most systems has been increased. An example is the WPA3 (Web Access Protocol 3) software which is an improvement from WP2 which was vulnerable but now not


hascat picture

1. Charsets

Olchashcat has built-in charsets broken into 5 groups. This is unlike hashcat where charsets have to be defined.  However, custom charsets can be defined from time to time.

2. Output file: -O or FILE

 This is used if you wish to specify where cracked hashes are written to. This is to ensure recovered hashes do not flood command prompt. 

3. Session=STR 

A feature for naming a session for future running in case you stop a run before it completes and starts again later. The feature allows for multiple sessions.

4. Restore-timer =NUM 

You can save current file every number of seconds so in case you lose power, the progress will have been saved. The default setting is after every 60 seconds. 

How to install and use in pc

The software can be downloaded at https:/hashcat.net/oclhashcat. You will get the option of oclhashcat binaries and oclhashcat sources with version, date, download link and signature. There are also driver requirements listed for AMD, GPU, and Intel. Please note GPU must be supported and drivers must be correctly installed. Make sure you uninstall any earlier versions before downloading and only download the earliest version. The procedure for Linux is different from that of windows, install the driver for GPUs and always check whether you have AMD or NVidia and can be downloaded from navidia.com. Once downloaded you will get command prompt type of window.

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Cautions and recommendations

1. Multi-hashing function

Since it uses a range of methods and numerous calculation algorithms, it is possible to crack several passwords concurrently. Distributed cracking networks are also supported.

2. Multiplatform Interface

The software is coded for GNU/LINUX and is cross-platform for MS Windows 64 and 32bit architecture. It works with AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards. Mostly in command-line interface but GUI also exists for windows offered by independent developers.

3. Performance

It is the world most advanced and fastest due to heavy multi-parallelism caused by multiple cores that increases cracking speed. Oclhashcat also has a right and left mask and comes with built-in charsets. Hash rate per second can vary depending on the algorithm.

4. Security

Oclhashcat can be used to test the security of passwords and verifying vulnerabilities as well as run security assessments in order to better security awareness.  Password cracking may help users recover forgotten passwords. System administrators can test for easily unsafe passwords.


For beginners, it can be difficult but once you understand the options, it becomes very easy and enjoyable. The font has also affected usability.  Over time there has been an improvement in usability with later versions being more user-friendly.

Strength of password

password guide

If a password is easy to crack you can either rainbow table that has a list of commonly used passwords. The dictionary attack has a word list where the password is compared with the available combinations. A brute force attack compares all possible combinations. The brute false attack cannot crack salted passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What attack modes exist?

There exist a brute force attack where all combinations from possible characters are tried. Masked attack where one uses prior knowledge to reduce the set of characters

2. How does oclhashcat work?

 While other data is stored in the computer database as plain text, but as algorithms. Passwords are encrypted you, however, cannot log into the account using the hash but plain text. In case of a data breach, the aim is to reverse the encryption to plain text. 

3. Why should I use the latest Version of oclhashcat? 

Any new version comes with improvements, new features, GPU support, newer technologies, problem fixes among others. However, if you would like to use the old version you can set your system to the period date that it was meant to be used.

4. What is a Cryptographic Salt?

These are used for the creation of unique passwords by adding random bits to each password to mitigate rainbow table type of attacks. Salted passwords can only be cracked through brute-forcing.

5. Why does oclhashcat take too much space?

Depending on whether you have AMD or Nidia. Nvidia has both 64 and 32bit. So if you have oclhashcat 64 you do not need 32 bit Kernels.  You can type hashcat64.bin to find out the GPU you have.

6. Can Oclhashcat crack hashed passwords?

This is done to transform the password to another string. It is the one-way transformation of a password so as to make it impossible to go another way. Oclhashcat and other password cracking software may not crack these passwords.

7. What does a weak hash represent?

When the length of the password is empty this is called a weak.

8. What if I don’t know the word length?

You can use —increment (-i), — increment max and —increment- min.

9. How can I make a strong password?

It is important to avoid obvious words and dates to crack. These include pet names sequence, phone number, driver’s license, id number, date of birth. It is also important to avoid dictionary words or common passwords

Popular alternatives

1. John the Ripper

It is a free and open-source software originally created to test for weak UNIX operating system passwords. It is a fast cracker available for several platforms including Windows, DOS, UNIX, Mac OS, and Open VMS

2. Wfuzz: 

It is a web application based on python and exposes vulnerabilities of web applications.  It cracks passwords by using brute force. Wfuzz is used in different components that include forms, headers, directories, parameters, etc.

3. Rainbow Crack

It uses the concept of -memory tradeoff is used. A hash algorithm is used and after calculations results are stored in a rainbow table. There are several of these tables that are available for free. The computed tables reduce the time used to crack passwords.

4. Brutus 

Like Oclhashcat it can cause an attack process and resume later. The engines supported by Brutus are multi-stage authentication. It is able to support 60 targets at the same time


Oclhashcat is a useful reverse engineering tool with the right   drivers, a good version of oclhashcat and the applicable version of the stream. This app can be put into a good or bad use. It can either secure networks from attacks or hack into networks to get crucial information. The App   and the hashcat technology is shaping how software engineers, developers, and system administrators security systems.

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