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Offerup App For PC

Offerup app for pc

Name: Offerup

Description: The Offerup app for pc is a virtual mini marketplace that allows its users to buy and sell goods conveniently, easily and quickly. It is very possible for users to sell up their items in a matter of minutes, at the same time buyers easily find the perfect products they need with just a few clicks.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

-Awesome deals on specific products such as clothes, jewelry, cars, phones or furniture – Access to thousands of listings that get updated every minute – You can buy or sell within minutes of putting it up – Inbuilt chat feature between buyer and seller


A picture you put up can help you sell in a mater of seconds. In the same light, by barely taking your phone you can swipe and buy those things you need.s


If you are unable to download an android emulator, you can not use offer up on your pc as it does not have a pc version yet.

If you have old or even new items that are taking up space in your house and you would like to make some cash out of them, all you need to do is take pictures of such products to open your own virtual store. Unlike on Amazon or Wish, you can easily set up your own virtual store without having to pay a dime as it is all free to post item photos or ads.  


Discount on products

Buying all you need at a lower cost is absolutely possible based on the high competition with everyone wanting to sell the same things. Sellers often put up competitive and low prices to compete for sales for a particular product

Inbuilt messaging feature

Although you can get at minimal prices, you have to be sure of the quality and that’s why the offerup app possesses an inbuilt messaging feature that allows you to talk to the seller to confirm the information and avoid scams.

Instant product sales

Within minutes of posting pictures of product, sales could be almost immediate as long as it meets the need of the audience.

Ratings feature

Before you buy something from a seller or before a buyer buys something from you, there is an inbuilt feature that allows you to see the reputation of the person you want to buy. This was made for you to be sure of who you are buying from.

How to Download and install Offerup App for PC:

Unfortunately, because offerup does not have a pc verson, you would have to download an android emulator first. An android emulator is basically software that makes it possible for your pc to install and use android apps. I would recommend for you to download Nox App Player, Bluestacks or the latest MeMu 7. These emulators have been proven to perform top-quality functions above the others. After downloading and installing one of these emulators you can follow the following steps;

  • Download the APK installer file and save it to an easy-to-find location for reference purposes. This is because the Offerup app is an android app that cannot run smoothly on a pc without the use of an android emulator and you would need to run the file through the emulator you have previously downloaded.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded APK file to the emulator to install it. After installing it simply follow the instructions that the app provides you with and get started.
  • Another method you could follow is to open the emulator as you would open your phone and sign in your Gmail account to get your Google play store started. Search for Offerup and download as you usually do when installing an app from your phone.
OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.
OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo.
Developer: OfferUp Inc.
Price: To be announced
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot
  • OfferUp: Buy. Sell. Letgo. Screenshot

How to use:

To buy or sell on offerup for pc can be very simple once you understand how it works;

How to sell your item on Offerup APK?

Firstly you should take pictures of the items you would like to sell. I would recommend for you to take eye-catchy pictures and give descriptions that would give you an edge over the other sellers that might be interested in selling the same products. Once you put up those pictures, you will start getting questions and offers regarding your products through the in-built messaging app. Reply to them and settle on the price with a buyer then use the app to find and send a meeting location and fix a time to meet. Remember to let the buyer check out the item first or set up a third-party inspection if necessary. Once it has all been settled, swap the item and payment in person to avoid any form of future scam that may arise from payment.

If the item turns out to be something you have to ship to the buyer, immediately you accept the offer, they will be charged through the app and you will be sent a shipping label which you would use to ship the item. The buyer would be given a duration of 2 days to inspect the item, if the buyer is satisfied, the money would be credited to you securely. Finally, always remember to rate the buyer because it tends to build trust in the community and you would also be reviewed by others.

How to buy securely on offerup App?

Search for the item you are interested in buying and conclude on how much you want to buy it for. Ask the seller any questions you would like an answer to then to make an offer.  You could either meet up with ht buyer or have it shipped to your location. Once you agree to pay your settled price, make an offer then send an offer for the item to be shipped to you by clicking ship to me.

Enter your payment details and address and you would be provided with a summary of the offer and final cost then confirm the order and send it to the seller. Once the seller accepts the order, you would be shipped your item securely. Don’t pay personally to a seller’s account because offerup cannot guarantee the safety of your payment unless it is done securely through the app. You would be given two days to properly inspect the item you bought through the app and review the seller for others to see.

Alternative apps to offerup App?

The following are similar apps that do almost the same thing that offerup does:

  1. LetGo: This is the most similar to offer because it also allows user to fill ad forms automatically to be easily posted on the webpage.
  2. Oodle: Similar to the offerup app, this also allows you to sell your goods by simply taking pictures and posting the items up for sale.
  3. Close 5: This app possesses the proximity feature that allows you to see the products nearest to you in location
  4. VarageSale: This app allows you to post your ads for free for people to know about your goods and maybe the service you offer.
  5. Yerdle: This allows you to sell your products for free although the buyer has to bear shipping costs.


How do I pick a seller to buy from on offerup?

You can easily filter the products and sort the items you want to buy to suit your own preferences and to make finding your items easier.

Can I meet up with sellers outside of the offerup app?

You could but it is not advisable because offerup would not take any responsibility or unfortunate events that might arise from such meetings.

Can I pay for delivery?

This is between you and the seller or the agreement made by you and a buyer. Some individuals are not comfortable with their payment details being online therefore they try to deal with cash only. So, as long as it is comfortable with you and the other party agrees to this method it is possible. Also, you should note that offerup would never ask you to pay with gift cards, cashless systems outside of offerup, checks or wire transfers like money gram, Ria or Western union as this could be used as a form of scam and could be risky.

Can I report a user when something goes wrong?

Yes, it is possible to report a user if you by chance experience an unsatisfactory interaction. You can report by opening the user’s full profile and tapping on report

In conclusion, offerup does not guarantee your safety so you have to be careful while making online purchases or arranging a meet-up. Don’t share personal details such as passwords or social security numbers or banking information. Always stay within the walls of the offerup for your protection. Finally, always look for red flags and beware of such users.

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