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Phonto For PC

Phonto for pc

Name: Phonto

Description: Phonto is a totally free photo editor that allows you to add text to your photos. This app contains over 200 fonts, colors, size and you would be able to rotate is left, right and center. Phonto also allows you to customize a variety of features within the app.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Photography

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Key Features:

  • Editable fonts
  • Rotatable text
  • Extra installable fonts
  • Changeable line spacing
  • More than 200 fonts available


  • Easy setup
  • Adding text to photos is free
  • Supports direct sharing to social media


  • There might be difficulty opening downloaded fonts on new devices
  • There might be a loading issue which may result in you having to install framework on your pc

Phonto app is very easy to use, allows to add text, apply filters, crop the photo, add items and provides additional styling and tools to edit.

Main Features of Phonto App:


This is the main feature of Phonto. Phonto allows you to add texts, quotes or words to your photos. To add texts, you simply have to tap your image and click add text. In this option, you would also be able to add symbols and presets as they are handy as well. Choose the type of fonts you want in which color to add your own originality. There are more than 200 font types available for you to customize your own text according to your preference.


Here, Phonto allows you to add shapes to your photos when you click on the three lines in the bottom left. You would be provided with options for shapes. Then you can select the shape you want and explore! Here, it gives you the perfect editing mode you need for example, when you want to edit a profile photo, you can get that perfect circle or square depending on what platform you need it for. Apart from shapes, there are lots of other things you can add to your photos like your Instagram tags, boarders, speak bubbles like in comic books and many more.


Phonto allows you to choose a suitable theme for your photo. It also gives you access to free multiple themes, allows you to change the theme and also work around them as well. Here, you can also change canvas, add overlays, choose from multiple options.


The crop feature allows you to crop your background. In other words, this Phonto feature can allow you to do a little editing about your background. You can also explore the ‘square crop’ option. This would allow you to do so much more.


Phonto allows its users to add frames to beautify their images. You can change the rotation, change the background, change the text type and explore many more framing options. Frames would also be useful when you are trying to work within a particular space and not exceed it. It gives you that perfect frame you are looking for. However, you have to pay to have access to all the framing options.

Rotation feature

The rotation features allow you to rotate the text all four ways of how best you think it would project your message to your audience clearly. You can also rotate the image, rotate frames, shapes and may more.

Line spacing feature

Depending on how spacious and how tight-fitting you want your texts to be on your image, you can set it to the perfect one on Phonto. This is one of the least obvious features that a lot of people are not exactly aware of.

How to download and install Phonto App:

Unfortunately, there is no available pc version for Phonto. You would have to make use of an android emulator. I would recommend you to use Nox App player as I have tested it and it works perfectly. Follow these steps to download and install:

  1. Search for and download the Nox App Player from a totally safe website to avoid downloading a virus to your pc
  2. Launch the emulator. The emulator would treat your pc as a new Smartphone. Fill in all the required details and you would be taking to the home page
  3. Click on Google play store, sign in your Google account so that you would have access to the apps on the play store.
  4. Search for Phonto and click on the app option with the official Phonto logo and it would automatically install itself.
  5. Have a well connected and fast internet to achieve the best results.
  6. You might experience a loading issue that would result in you having to install framework on your pc as this would solve that problem for you.
Phonto - Text auf Fotos
Phonto - Text auf Fotos
Developer: youthhr
Price: Free+
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot
  • Phonto - Text auf Fotos Screenshot

How to Use Phonto App:

Adding shape in Phonto

  • Open Phonto. You could import or choose a photo, you can also decide to take a fresh picture
  • Then, you would be presented with the filter option. If you have no interest in this, you would just ignore and move on to the next option
  • Click on the ‘add item’ option and choose the shape you want.
  • Once you have chosen your shape, it would insert itself into your photo. It would not cover your texts or any other editing you have previously done. Although it might affect your theme it is nothing you cannot fix easily.
  • Click on the shape to select the color, size, Tilt, move, remove features if you want.

Adding a text to your photo

  1. It is very simple to add text to your photos
  2. Select the photo you want to use or take a fresh photo. Click on the pencil icon, enter the text you would like to add to your photo and click on done.
  3. You would be presented with font types, font colors and other text editing options you might need.
  4. You would be able to drag and drop your text anywhere within your workspace in Phonto

Downloading and adding new fonts

  • Firstly, download the font file online. You can just Google ‘download free font’. You would be provided with tons of font types that you font have to pay for. You will need to install those downloaded fonts as well.
  • Open the font file in whatever format you have downloaded it in (zip, TTF, otf) in Phonto
  • Remember to use your Nox App Player browser or drag and drop those files into the nix app player. This is because your emulator and pc storage might not share the same location.


Phonto is a total yes for me! I would recommend for you to download Phonto if you are somebody that is into photo editing and does not really understand the complexity of Photoshop. This would help you get by with its basic editing tools.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use my photos on Phonto commercially?

This depends on what image it is that you are editing and you want to put up for sale. However, if it is an original image, you can use it for commercial purposes. If it is an un-authorized picture, you should not use it because you stand at the risk of being sued.

How much to subscribe to Phonto?

To subscribe to Phonto, it costs $1.99 for the image pack, $0.99 for the ad-free version but it is totally free to have the text on image version originally designed for android and iPhone.

Can I share my Phonto images directly to social media?

Yes, when you are done editing, you can send your edited images to your social media platforms right from the Phonto app.

Best Alternatives of Phonto App:


Just like Phonto, WordSwag allows you to add text to your photos.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is mostly recommended for editing experts. It is a complex but effective editing tool


This is an award-winning photo editor with great text writing features


This is a great text writing editor that is mostly used by digital marketers to edit their photos for commercial purposes


This is an amazing image retouching and editing app that also has a great text editing feature.


The only frustrating thing about using Phonto is that you can only run it on your pc when using an emulator. Apart from this, it is worth downloading and using. In my own opinion, using Phonto on PC is much more favorable as it would serve you with a bigger and wider screen and this would allow you to pay attention to details while enhancing your image.

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