Photomath For PcPhotomath For Pc

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Photomath For Pc

Photomath app For Pc

Name: Photomath

Description: It is a tremendous relief to solving technical math problems without so much hustle. Though there is a Popular android & iOS version of the app but there is no available version of Photomath For Pc. But an emulator can help you in this regard.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • Great User interface.
  • It offers a smart calculation.
  •  Free to Acquire.
  • Superb Technology.


A superb app that incorporates great features of the technology to calculate and solve the technical math problems. A very simple user interface.


The app hasn’t yet incorporated full mathematics problems in it leaving out some other technical problems such as geometry, trigonometric inequalities, and matrices among others. Hence still insufficient.


Photomath For PcPhotomath For Pc

Features of Photomath App

Some trust in mathematical tables, others in logarithm tables but we trust in Photomath for PC App, an all-inclusive camera calculator application that allows users to calculate and solve mathematical problems by only capturing the formula. With your math problem put on display, all you need to do is capture it with your camera for the app to read it and work it out for you, displaying the steps in the process. Sweet and easy, right?

An app of this mettle that solves mathematical problems by just ‘looking’ at them with the camera as its ‘eyes’ must be having interesting features for it to be able to perform such duties. Let’s go through them one after the other.

Great User interface

The app brags of a very engaging and friendly to use user board. The user board is composed of a manual output as an option, for back up purposes. The user interface only requires the user to launch the camera without any hassle and so providing a very great user experience of scanning the texts with the questions with the results popping out on the screen within no time.

 It offers a smart calculation.

Apart from answers just popping up in the screen after a scan of the questions on the book, the app also offers procedures on how the answer was arrived at. This leaves the user more knowledgeable.

Free to Acquire

The app is acquirable free of charge and also comes free of ads. The in-app purchases promotions that come with other apps are also missing in Photomath.

Superb Technology.

Algorithms generated by deep learning technologies are incorporated into the development of this app. These technologies provide amazing mathematical problem-solving experience and can perform in low internet connection regions. Additionally, the app captures the user’s mathematical problems even in a low light environment and can detect text at any angle.

We would all love to know the type of camera inherent in this app that allows it to read mathematical problems and give answers. Here are some of Photomath’s camera qualities:

It has a super-powerful math keyboard.

Ability to provide step by step work out solutions to the math problems scanned.

It’s very fast.

Its calculator is 100% accurate hence no margin of error.

Price: Free+
Price: Free+

How to Install Photomath App On PC

Photomath was created for android and IOS versions. Good news though, the app can also be downloaded for PC and MAC users using an emulator such as BlueStacks and Nox app player.

Installing Photomath Using BlueStacks.


Bluestacks is an android app that can run android apps on your PC.

First, ensure you have BlueStacks installed and operational on your PC.

Launch the BlueStacks app on your PC.

Click on the ‘My Apps’ button on BlueStacks.

Search for Photomath.

The search will direct you to your Google account where you will log in and download the Photomath app from there and install it. Enjoy the app’s services.

Installing using Nox Player.

First, install the Nox player on your PC.

After installation, run it on your PC. 

Get to Google play store and download the Photomath app.

Then open Photomath with the Nox player on your PC and install it. At this juncture, the app would be able to run on your PC under the Nox player app.

Either method is easy, you can choose the one you are most comfortable with and enjoy the services of this great app.


Photomath has not only attracted the attention of students/pupils but that of teachers too. It is for this reason that it is recommendable that teachers use this app as a whole class instructional tool. Scanning unsolved questions for the pupils and guiding them through the whole process of how a solution was arrived at from the app teaches them not only how to use the app but also how to understand that the app is not a shortcut to math solutions but a guide to improving their mathematical skills and speed.

Again to teachers, there may be no need going to class with the app as sometimes it might prove distractive to some students. It is therefore advisable that the teachers go through some of the challenging equations beforehand and master the steps of solving them and only share manually using a chalkboard to the students during a lesson.

Student’s using Photomath are advised to treat it as just another source of additional problem-solving formula to the math problems. Grouping themselves to solve math problems and only comparing their methods to the one used at Photomath would improve their math skills as compared to solely relying on Photomath’s ways.


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F asked Qustion

How does Photomath work?

Photomath uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to read and recognize both handwritten and printed characters of a given problem. These recognized characters in the form of numbers, letters and symbols are then run into Photomath’s algorithm that examines each character in comparison to others hence determining the formula for the scanned problem.

Again a problem-solving solution is incorporated into the formula to provide solutions and solving steps to the problem. This is how Photomath comes up with a solution to a math problem giving the user, a wonderful learning experience.

How much does Photomath cost?

As mentioned earlier, Photomath is free of charge with no promising future charges.

How do I deal with missing steps scenarios?

Whenever such a case occurs, tap on the button in the lower right corner close to the results to be able to see steps. If still, it’s not visible then it may be that the math problem is not supported yet.

How does someone scan a math problem using Photomath?

It’s easy. The user is simply required to point the camera at his or her math problem to take a picture and Photomath will read, evaluate and solve the math problem. Holding the phone steadily and clear handwriting are some of the pluses to quicker and successful scanning. If the scanner fails to work after a few seconds of scanning then typing the problem manually using the keyboard is advised.


Sometimes I sit and wonder, ‘what more surprises does the technology world hold for me and the coming generations?’ But since I cannot fathom what will happen in the future, I simply sit back and enjoy what apps like Photomath have stolen for me and others from the future and dropped for us to enjoy right now.

Solving mathematical problems has never been made easier as Photomath has done. Will we not then say that we are privileged to be a part of the inventors and consumers of the Photomath App?

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