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Pleco Chinese Dictionary for pc

Pleco for pc

Name: Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Description: If you have ever thought of going to China for studies or tourism or if it has ever crossed your mind to learn Chinese without a teacher then you should explore pleco Chinese dictionary for pc. This app is an integrated Chinese English dictionary or document reader that serves as a Chinese learning companion. This app includes a flashcard system and allows you to draw Chinese characters for translation.

Offer price: Fremium

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • Full dictionary package
  • Handwriting and voice recognition feature
  • Screen reader/ OCR feature
  • Flashcard Systems
  • Effective search tool and cross-referencing


  • It allows you to draw manually on the screen
  • It helps with your Chinese communication.
  • Do not need to necessarily be online
  • In Free version not be constantly disturbed with ads


  • Might not be provided with the audio track
  • Could limit you know knowing to know the correct pronunciation
  • Could limit Adding packages like handwriting recognizer,
  • By pleco, you have to pay between $4.99 to $9.88

Pleco Chinese Dictionary:

Pleco Chinese Dictionary for pc

Key features of Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Pleco Chinese Dictionary is a great Application for android and iOS as well as PC if you using an Emulator as a great Chinese Dictionary with plenty of Resources.

Full dictionary package

There are two fill dictionaries included in the Pleco Chinese dictionary for pc free app which is the CC-CEDICT and the in-house PLC dictionary with both covering over 130,000 Chinese words and about 20,000 examples with Pinyin. There are 8 other free optional dictionary downloads with 22,000 entry Cantonese-English dictionary with 19 other great dictionaries available as you pay for upgrades.

The app also has a mini Italian dictionary of about 22,000 entries that allows you as a user to have lots of examples to learn from and even listen to a recording of the exact pronunciation of a word in both male and female voices. Presently, you can listen to the exact pronunciation of a character until you understand. Besides, with the use of colors, the dictionary indicates the tone a specific character should be read. The colors are red, green, blue, purple, and grey.

Handwriting and voice recognition feature

You know a day when you can not pronounce the word or you have no idea what you are writing, pleco Chinese dictionary allows you to draw what you would like to translate and it automatically identifies what you are trying to write and gives you it’s meaning. In the same light, speaking to the device microphone, the app automatically detects what you’re saying or trying to say and comes up with the meaning or translation.

There is the free basic version and there is the paid enhanced version that you can use to your advantage. This would be useful for you if you want to know how to write Chinese characters as this would guide you to perfect your strokes and writing. The app also gives you the word translation, it’s contextual meanings, grammatical functions as well as related examples.

This feature is especially important because when you come across words that you have never seen before and you need to understand what it means.

Screen reader/ OCR feature

This feature allows you to look Chinese words and characters in the dictionary by just simply pointing your device’s camera at them or by scrolling around a still image. Instantly, you can look up Chinese words from other apps through a floating interface in case you do not find what you are looking for with pleco.

There are different methods to input characters like choosing the root, using English, inserting pinyin, handwriting or the visual recognition of characters. The only problem this could have is if you’re looking for a truly rare character or maybe you did not write the character properly then you might not find what you’re looking for. This feature is most appropriate when trying to read a document or text with Chinese characters.

Flashcard Systems

From any dictionary entry, you can create a card by using advanced techniques like spaced repetition or my tapping import premade word lists and study in various modes including tone drills and fill in the blanks. This is both available in the simple version free and full-featured which you have to pay for.

You would be able to organize your cards, check your learning progress and even take your prep tests. For the first few months of you learning Chinese, this feature would be of topmost importance to you because it would act like your own mini electronic dictionary and you can easily go back to check. 

Pleco Chinese Dictionary
Pleco Chinese Dictionary
Developer: Pleco
Price: Free+
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot
  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary Screenshot

Audio pronunciation

By listening to text-to-speech on this app, you can instantly hear a male or female audio recording of the dictionary headwords. There are about 34,000 words that have readily available audio recordings.

Effective search tool and cross-referencing

It allows you to look up words by Chinese characters, pinyin with spaces and tones being optional or a combination with support for full-text or wildcards search. Once you type any of these Chinese characters or words you are instantly provided with their definitions.

How to download and install pleco Chinese dictionary on pc

Because this is an android app, you would have to download an android emulator. I would recommend Nox App Player, Bluestacks or Xeplayer. These android emulators would allow you to install android apps on your pc and you need this because there is no pc version or software that would work directly to your pc.


See how to setup Bluestack on PC Full Guide

  • After you have download and installed the android emulator, log in your google account to have access to the play store. 
  • Treat your android template like you’re using your phone. Go to google play store and search for pleco Chinese dictionary and choose the first app and install as you would do if you were using a smartphone
  • Or you could just import the APK file that you have downloaded from the web to the android emulator and install it.
  • If you notice that you have a loading issue with Bluestacks, simply install the framework software on your pc
  • There, start using the dictionary on your pc as you would on your phone

Pleco Chinese dictionary For Iphone

Alternatives to Pleco Chinese dictionary for pc

In case you did not find the Pleco Chinese dictionary for pc easy to use, you could explore 


This is a free Chinese-to English dictionary app

MDBG English to Chinese dictionary

This is more like just a dictionary that offers tools like quizzes, text annotations, flashcards, Chinese input and more


This is basically a search engine for Chinese and English words translation


This is a software that makes learning Chinese more interesting and easier for beginners, students and even life-long speakers.

FAQ Of Pleco dictionary App

F asked Qustion

Is the Pleco Chinese dictionary free for download?

Yes! It is absolutely free to download this app for free. Although you could subscribe to the premium version to have access to all the features.

If the app is for android, how can It work well on my pc?

This is why the android emulator is installed on your computer. The android emulator treats your px as your smartphone so you have nothing to worry about using a phone on your pc.

Can the dictionary work on Mac as well?

Of course! As long as you have your android emulator installed.


In a nutshell, Pleco Chinese dictionary would make an excellent Chinese experience for beginners to get their Chinese groove on and want to understand and speak Chinese at their own pace with lots of options to choose from.

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