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Description: Pluto TV for PC is a free streaming TV that relies on advertising for its sustenance. The company was started in 2013. In March 2019 it was acquired by Viacom. The company that owns Nickelodeon, comedy central and NTV. You can either view directly from the browser by just searching Pluto TV on Google or downloading the app to your PC. You do not need to give your credit card details to use the app.

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For anyone who is looking at having good content for free this is the way to go. If you like classic and older movies Pluto TV will be best for you.


you are guaranteed thousands of movies and +100 live.


There are a lot of ads in short interface, some of these are repeated ads in succession. The limited number of countries that can access. Limited content based on the region. You may also not get most of the mega-hit shows on Pluto TV.

Features of Pluto TV

Main features of Pluto TV are given below:

The TV guide

The guide helps search through channels by category and selecting by choosing the channel of choice. To change the channel options you need to go back to the categories or channels. It is also possible to see the featured shows on the app. If you download the app to your PC you can keep your favorite and hide the ones you don’t like.


Has over 100 live channels and streams popular TV series and movies that mostly comprise of traditional entertainment channels some from the 50s and 60s. There are no affiliate and programming sports, entertainment, and YouTube videos. Viacom has added several channels from its network.

There are also on-demand TV channels. You may, however, expect an improvement of channels in the coming days as per the company plans.

Pluto TV

Geographical coverage

The company has desktop app Mac and Windows available in both US and international.  For international is mostly in Germany and the UK. The shows may vary since the rights differ depending on the rights. In some places, the rights had been taken by the time Pluto established.

Rewind option

Pluto TV has standard playback tools 10 seconds forward and reverses button. The rewind button is on the progress bar. A certain amount of data is loaded to a certain area before starting to play the movie.


Whiles some of the shows are streamed live as they happen there are some that appear on pluto TV days after they have appeared in other channels. There is also some YouTube kind of channels.


The company relies on advertisement and hence there are many 30 seconds adverts that may interrupt your viewing from time to time. This may interrupt viewing at its best part and are sometimes every five or ten minutes.

Pluto Tv for mac

How to download and Install Pluto TV for PC/MAC?

Type Pluto official website You will get various download options for various devices.  The U.S. Desktop app and the international desktop app are the available PC & MAC alternatives. Choose your location appropriately.

There are two buttons on each (Windows Button and Mac Button). Click Windows button if you are on windows and mac is on mac.  Get to setup file and click on the setup file and press the install button and wait to use it on a laptop or desktop.

Cautions and Recommendations

The pluto tv app may obtain some programs from Vimeo or YouTube. There is also an existing partnership with Hulu to help viewers get more programming.

Unfortunately so far there is no way of searching directly apart from the TV guide which can be very frustrating for it may take way too much time to get to what you may want to view. Pluto TV needs to consider this in their next release, especially on-demand channels.

PlutoTv for Android

Frequently asked questions

1. What is new on Pluto?

Since the acquisition by Viacom over two a dozen channels have been added including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET. The company’s strategy is to bring make subscription options free with over 200 linear channels and movies on demand in thousands.

CBS and Viacom are consolidating a merger and more programs are expected. Already there are channels that include CBSN national news, CNET tech-news, ET Live, CBSN Los Angeles and CBSN New York.

2. What web browser can I use to download the app?

Pluto is compatible with all web browsers on your pc or mac.

3. How can I improve the experience?

There are several reasons why buffering may happen. Chief among them is a slow internet connection. It should be between 6-10mbps. If you are streaming in HD then 15 Mbps is recommended. It could also be technical difficulties from your ISP. If there are many devices using the internet the quality will be affected. Also, check how many apps are running at the same time. Bugs from the Pluto TV side could also affect your experience.

4. How secure is Pluto TV?

Pluto executable files and websites are safe from viruses hence trustworthy. However, the adverts from 3rd parties may cause introduce browser extensions and you may start getting annoying ads on your computer. There is a threat of 3rd party being having viruses.

5. What are the best shows?

The company confirmed that their best shows are in food, crime, and travel.  Shows like Nickelodeon, comedy central, VHI and MTV are also popular.

pluto tv app

6. How can I protect my information?

Like any other online streaming content, it will be important to use Virtue Private Network to protect your information. There is also a potential risk of sharing your data with other parties. You may also use the antimalware utility that is professional and trusted.

Pluto TV Alternatives

You may go for paid service if you want particular premium  content that is not on Pluto, prefer fewer adverts or fear for your data security.

1. Netflix

It has bigger geographical coverage. The app also has an app that allows downloading selected apps for offline viewing.

2. Amazon prime video

In over 200 countries in the world.  You can stream live or download movies. It is however expensive since you have to pay subscriptions and also rental to use for it has different charges and has a lot of frustrated customers.

3. Hulu

Hulu is run and controlled by Walt Disney. It is now available in version 10. It is a paid TV streaming channel and also streams classic shows. The application is remote and keyboard mouse operated.

4. HBO

Offers streaming services and is only available in the USA.

5. YouTube TV

Only cable customers get to stream free content.

Other available include YouTube TV, Amazon pride.


The growing demand for the Pluto TV app shows that people have faith in the bigger brand that has taken it up. It is free and offers classic shows that are not your every day shows on cable TV. You, however, have to consider your information security and convenience over the cost of paying.

If free and variety of content is important to you, go for Pluto TV app for PC.  With over 100 genre themed channels everybody’s interest is considered.

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