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Police Scanner App for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) & Android

Police Scanner App for PC.

Police Scanner

Name: Police Scanner

Description: Police Scanner App for PC is an application that allows you to access a compilation of the best police and emergency scanner radio feeds from around the internet on your PC. The Police Scanner App was initially created to run on Android devices and now available on PC on the Microsoft account. The App enables you to listen to audios from over 7,000 police radio scanners, armature radio repeaters, and fire scanners from around the world. The feed you have access to, is picked from all free and available feeds around the world.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • Active Feeds alert.
  • Concurrent Operations.
  • Chat with other users.
  • Share feeds with friends through email.
  • Global Coverage.
  • You can save favorites to the front screen.
  • Automatically detects and integrates feeds with the radio.
  • Built-in relevant codes and phonetic alphabets for natural interpretations


  • Clear and loud voices.
  • Free download.
  • Wide area coverage.
  • Chat and share information.


  • It is still illegal in some countries to download and use this App

Features of Police Scanner App For PC

There is no better way to understand the Police Scanner App apart from going through its features. It is an admirable app among its users, and here is why it’s loved.

  • Active Feeds alert

One of the most appealing features of the Police Scanner App is its ability to show you new feeds of ongoing activities and breaking news that is taking place at that particular moment and an added description of the alert, location, and feeds.

  • Concurrent Operations

With the Police Scanner App, you can easily listen to feeds in the background and run other apps at the same time. You can talk to other police officers while you go through your gallery without having to pause.

  • Chat with other users

Police Scanner App is not only an audio device but also allows users to communicate through coded messages. You can send your receivers messages using phonetic alphabets that only they can encode and understand. This maintains privacy as some information passed over the App is sensitive.

  • Share feeds with friends through email

Your friends need not purchase or acquire the free version of the App to listen with you. With your App set and running, you can share feeds with your friends via email, and they can end up enjoying the feeds just as well with you as they would while using the App.

  • Global Coverage

Police Scanner App allows you to access and listen to feeds from all over the world, most especially feeds from the United States, Canada, Australia, and many others as the App is in expansion, and it keeps incorporating new police radios into its system.

  • Save favorites to the front screen

With a lot of Feeds available on the App due to its global nature, it is only prudent if you had a way of accessing your favorite feeds much more comfortably and faster without having to go through an endless list of Feeds. Police Scanner App gives you this feature as it enables you to pick your favorites and save them on your screen for quicker access.

  • Automatically detects and integrates feeds with the radio

When searching from the web browser, you can easily add your desired feeds to the App by tapping on the feed’s link from the web browser, which will automatically detect the feed and integrate it into the App.

  • Built-in relevant codes and phonetic alphabets for easy interpretations

The App comes with in-built police, EMS, fire, or military codes coupled with phonetic alphabets for easy encoding and decoding. This feature makes it an ideal app for first-time users with little training and knowledge on using the App.

How to Install Police Scanner App For PC

Installing a Police Scanner App on your PC

  • Open the Microsoft website from your web browser.
  • Search for the Police Scanner App by typing its name in the search bar.
  • Go to the Menu button situated at the right hand side of the “Install/Open” button and tap on the “Install on my device” option.
  • Select your device as the device you want to install it to, then click on the “Install Now” option and finally click “OK’ to complete.

Police scanner for pc

How to use the App

Using the Police Scanner App should not be a daunting task. The following easy-to-follow steps will enlighten you on how to access the channel list to get you started on using the App.

  • Tap on the App icon on your computer to launch it.
  • You will see the main menu, scroll downwards using the navigation keys to access the “Browse Objects” icon.
  • Click on the “Browse Objects” icon to open the scan lists. You can scroll through this list by navigating left or right.
  • On the scan list, you will have access to all programmed channels. Choose your desired channel(s) and enjoy your experience.

Cautions and Recommendations

The Radio Police Scanner is a security-sensitive app that would compel you to take a few checks before downloading and using it. Make sure it is legally accepted in your region to download and use the App before going for it.

Popular Alternatives of the Police Scanner App For PC

1. My Walkie Talkie Radio 2k19

You can turn your phone or tablet into a Walkie Talkie Radio thanks to this fast, free PTT radio app. With the App, you can talk to your friends, family, or group privately or by joining public channels to engage in debates.

2. Tango Tango

It is a next-generation two-way radio system app for radio users like police, emergency medical services, and the fire department. You can talk to other Tango users through the press-to-talk feature and also send private messages and group chats.

3. ClearPass QuickConnect

With this set, you can easily configure your device to connect to your organization’s wired and wireless network safely. It is an easy way to self-configure your Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices to support 802.1X based authentication on wired and wireless networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Police Scanner App

Is it illegal to download a Police Scanner App?

Depending on your country, it might be legal or not to download the App. But even in the regions where it is legally accepted, using it to thwart police enforcement activities will land you in deep trouble with the authorities.

Can I listen to my local police scanner on my phone or computer for free?

Buying a Police Scanner to be able to listen in to conversations would cost you about $100, however, getting a Police Scanner Radio app for Android would save you a lot of hustle and free access to the conversations within your lists.

How far can I listen to using the Scanner App?

The distance the App can cover depends on several factors such as the topographical location of your home, the agency you wish to monitor, transmitter power, among other factors. Typically you should be able to listen to conversations within a radius of 10 to 20 miles.


It is without a doubt that the Police Scanner App for PC is indeed an easy way to explore the adventures of the Police Scanner. Using this App on your PC gives you a first-hand and top-notch experience of the App’s services. Try it out today.

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