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RetroPie Xbox Controller Setup for (Raspberry PC)

Xbox One Controller

Retropie Contoller

Name: Xbox One Controller

Description: RetroPie is the software to initiate Retro games on Raspberry pi computers. It is the most important project of a Raspberry pi to use this and increase the utility. Whereas Xbox one The controller is the wireless Xbox one Controller. It is the primary game controller. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux based operating system. RetroPie Xbox one Controller is used to control the video games through Bluetooth or wireless controller on the Raspberry pie. It has a user-friendly interface. It allows you to convert your game into the retro-gaming machine and enjoy the games.

Operating System: Windows

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RetroPie Xbox One Controller is wireless and makes users able to play the game from your Quach. This has a user-friendly interface

Required Items:

  • Raspberry pi 3
  • 8 GB microSD card
  • Keyboard (connected to Raspberry pi)
  • Xbox One Controller (with Bluetooth version)

How to Download and Install RetroPie on Raspberry pi:

To download and install RetroPie on Raspberry pi, you also need the hardware for the RetroPie.


  • Raspberry Pi model 3
  • microSD card
  • microSD card Reader
  • HDMI cable
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • 5V or 2A USB for power supply.
  • Television or Computer Monitor having ports for HDMI.
  • Use the keyboard and mouse to control.

To download the RetroPie, you will need to follow the following steps.

  • Download the SD card image for your Raspberry version from the link
  • If you are unsure about the version, you can know by counting the Raspberries on the boot.
  • Now extract the files after downloading them using the 7zip program.
  • Extract .img file and .gz file.
  • To extract from the command line, you have to write the following command gunzip
  • retropie-4.X.X-rpi2_rpi3.img.gz

Installing RetroPie on Raspberry pi:

To install the RetroPie SD image on your microSD, you will need the microSD reader.

  • To install on Windows, you will need Etcher or Win32DiskImager.
  • To get on macOS, you will need Apple Pie Baker or Etcher.
  • To get install on Linux, you will need Etcher or can do it by using the command dd.


In most of the Raspberry pi, RestroPie is built on top of the Raspbian in windows it is not visible so, you need a microSD card on which it is not visible, but it will be present there.

Configuration of Controllers:

xbox controller Product
  • First, boot your filesystem which will expand.
  • The welcome Wizard will open.
  • Below the welcome screen, the instructions are given.
  • Follow the instruction and configure them according to your desire and wish.
  • If you wish to connect it with Wi-Fi, then use Ethernet or USB.

How RetroPie works with Xbox one Controller:

Step 1:
Configuration of RetroPie:

To configure the RetroPie, you will need to follow the steps given below.

  • First, you need to move to the configuration menu.
  • Choose Bluetooth.
  • Next to register and connect to Bluetooth device.
  • Make sure you press the sync button on top of the Xbox one controller.
  • This will enable the Xbox wireless Controller.
  • Choose the Xbox wireless Controller
  • Now choose the first option, which is Display Yes No (If you encounter an error this
  • means you can’t communicate properly).

Step 2:
Disabling ERTM:

  • Press the F4 to open the command line.
  • After opening the command line write the code which is as follows sudo nan oopt/retropie/configs/all/ (this will start nano text editor and will allowediting the autostart sh file).
  • This will start automatically the installation.
  • Go to the start of that emulation and write the command which is as “sudo bash-c’echo 1>/ sys/module/bluetooth/parameters/disable_ertm” (This will disable ERTM which is the mode of Bluetooth, which is not required for ERTM so we disable it).
  • Once you have completed this, press CTRL+X+Y then press enter to save what you have done.
  • Now exit the command line.

Step 3:
Connection with the Bluetooth:

Now the second last step is to connect the RetroPie with Xbox One Controller follow the given

  • Open the Configuration of RetroPie.
  • Go to Bluetooth.
  • Make sure, you click on Register and connect with Bluetooth Device.
  • You select the Xbox One Controller.
  • Next select Display Yes No, click on it.
  • The wizard will display to show the connection build successfully.
  • You need to stop here because the keys don’t match.

Step 4:
Configure the Controller’s Input:

The final step to configure the Input of Xbox One Controller, you need to follow the step as follows

  • Move to the main screen.
  • Open the main menu and open the Configure Input click on Yes.
  • Hold on the one button on Xbox One Controller which will recognize the device that you will use.
  • In this way, you connect to your Xbox Controller.

After connecting to the wireless Xbox One Controller, you will be able to enjoy the game.

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If you are passionate about retro games than the RetroPie Xbox One Controller is worth using. RetroPie Xbox One Controller is wireless and makes users able to play the game from your Quach. This has a user-friendly interface. One can configure it easily.

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