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Name: Snapbridge

Description: SnapBridge app for pc is one of those impressive apps you can ever find on the internet that allows you to share your photos and videos from different devices. It is one of the easiest to use as well if you are not so technologically inclined. All your photos and videos would be sent directly to your pc immediately you take them.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac

Application Category: Software

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable camera setting
  • Immediate image download once paired with smart devices
  • More than 5 cameras can be connected to your smart device
  • Easy sharing of downloaded images to social media


A very impressive thing about the SnapBridge app for pc is that it allows you to download raw images directly for your use. Interestingly, you can connect up to 5 different cameras if you are working with a lot of devices. It is also compatible with a very wide range of devices like iOS12.1


There is no pc version of this app unless you use an android emulator. Sometimes, when you are loading, you might experience some loading issues with Bluestacks even as it is one of the best.

SnapBridge was originally developed by Nikon Corporation to enable its users to connect their Smartphone to their camera so that they can view their images one a wider screen instead of sticking to the camera screen which is usually small. Nikon made use of Bluetooth to connect its users’ smartphones to their cameras. Because there is no PC version for SnapBridge you can improvise by using the emulator method as you would be provided with a screen even wider than your regular Smartphone.

Features of Snapbridge App

Automatic Download

Instead of having to download or send your images or videos from your camera to your Smartphone, once it is connected it automatically downloads for you.  This helps in saving time when working especially under pressure. You also don’t have to be constantly checking if your images are saving or they are not. When photos are easily downloaded, you will be able to share on multiple platforms like emails or social media.

Adjustable settings

SnapBridge allows you as a user to adjust the settings in order of your preference. This allows you to be able to control the quality of the clicks through their smart devices. It is also very easy to adjust the settings to suit your own taste and for easy accessibility.

Multiple Pairing feature

The multiple pairing features help you to connect your cameras to multiple devices so that you can access your photos and videos from multiple cameras on your one device. You can pair up to 5 cameras at the same time. The app makes use of Bluetooth technology to connect the devices you would be making use of.

Editing of Text feature

The app was designed with an inbuilt editing feature that allows you to add text to your photos. It helps you as a professional to add some more information regarding the photos on your files. The app even keeps a location of where a particular picture is taken for future reference purposes.

Updates notification

Barely installing the SnapBridge app installed on your device, you are liable to receive notifications concerning updates on the app or newly developed and improved tools that might end up useful to you not necessarily as a professional. The newly improved SnapBridge app boasts of an improved interface and connectivity. You would know this through the notification updates that the app would occasionally provide.

How to install and download Snapbridge Apk?

There are two ways to download SnapBridge for pc. With both ways being through android emulators as SnapBridge has no pc version, I would recommend the two best android emulators for you to use.

SnapBridge download using Bluestacks

  • Firstly, download the Bluestacks android emulator from its website to avoid unsafe baggage and malware when downloading. Install and launch it on your pc.
  • Download the SnapBridge APK file by searching your Google search box so that you would be able to access it through Bluestacks.
  • You can either open the Bluestacks android emulator and click on my apps  button, look for the SnapBridge app and install it
  • Or you can drag and drop the APK file inside the Bluestacks software then install it.
  • Follow the inbuilt information that will put you through how to use it. It has an easy-to-use interface so even if you’re not tech-savvy you can figure it out and explore.
  • Log-in to your account. If you don’t have an account, create and register to have an account.

SnapBridge download using Nox App Player

  1. When using the Nox App Player you have to prepare your Google account because you have to log in to access Google play store.
  2. Download the Nox App Player from a trusted site, login your Google account on it and open your Google play store and search for SnapBridge and download. Install it and follow the guidelines provided by the app.
Developer: Nikon Corporation
Price: Free
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  • SnapBridge Screenshot
  • SnapBridge Screenshot
  • SnapBridge Screenshot

How does it work?

Once you have connected your cameras to your device, make sure they are close enough not to lose connections. The photos would automatically sync when the camera is in hibernation mode like when it is stored away in a dry place even without putting off.

This way, your device enjoys little or no disruptions because it is already synced and maintains a constant connection through Bluetooth. Once it realizes that you want to send videos or Bluetooth, it automatically switches to WIFI or Bluetooth.

While connecting on SnapBridge App

Always remember to use the latest version of the SnapBridge app to ensure a quality connection between your cameras and your pc.  This is because the dialogs and messages displayed by the camera and smart device may differ but it is always best to up to date and make sure you follow the latest instructions by the SnapBridge app.

Why I would recommend SnapBridge?

When using SnapBridge, there are lots of things you can explore which you might not be able to find in an alternative app. For example:

  • Immediate image download as they are taken
  • Taking pictures remotely using the controls provided in the SnapBridge app. These pictures can also be downloaded on your pc. Before you take pictures remotely, make sure you mount the camera you are using on a tripod or if you don’t have one, make sure it is in a secure place that would prevent damage.
  • You can use the inbuilt location feature which can help you to keep track of the device location data.
  • You can synchronize the camera clock to the time that the smart device reports
  • SnapBridge allows you to imprint pictures with words, comments, time of recording and other important information you might not want to lose regarding the photos you have taken.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How else can I connect if I don’t have Bluetooth?

You can also make use of WIFI. Although this process may be slower and older versions of SnapBridge users have complained of the connection problems.

2. Is it possible for SnapBridge to work without WIFI?

When using the iOS version, your device would automatically connect using WIFI.

3. Can I transfer RAW files with SnapBridge?

Well, it depends! If you have the latest version () installed, you would be able to transfer you desired RAW files with no problems at all.

Snapbridge Alternatives


This app is especially useful for professional photographers and loyal Nikon camera users. Regardless of the connection problems that may arise, SnapBridge version 2.6 works with Bluetooth and WIFI enabled ikon cameras perfectly, for example, DSLR cameras, Coolpix camera, the KeyMission 80 and the mirrorless cameras (Z6 and Z7).

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