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Name: Spybot for

Description: Spybot for Mac is a popular app that helps search, detect and eradicate spywares from your system. This software protects your PC against malware that threatens it. It also helps your data from being directed to third parties. You can use the other alternative for Spybot which can help you delete or protect from software since the Mac version hasn’t been developed up till now.

Offer price: Depends on your plan

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features


  • It is a system immunize
  • It is an Anti-spyware
  • It is an Antivirus for your PC
  • It protects your system against malware attack
  • Uses command-line tools
  • It has a registry software repair


  • No charge when downloading and easy to use
  • Easily removes malware instantly
  • Its interface easy to accommodate with


  • Takes time when scanning
  • Sometimes immunize features are missed
  • Although it performs well, it does not replace antivirus

How to Download and Install on your Computer:

Spy bot

Free download or Purchase from here: https://www.safer-networking.org/

After downloading -double click and follow the instructions on screen to complete the setup process.

How to use Spybot on android

The app is not available for android, but there are some alternatives that can replace and work as well as this one.

Alternatives for android

The main alternative for Android is the free app Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. If this does not work for you, there are many classified alternatives for Spybot, but just two of them are available for Android.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This app is so performing that it is said to be the next step in detecting and abolishing of malware. It uses an accumulation of new technology that rapidly detects, eradicate and protect your android from malware. It displays and stops malicious practices before they start.

NQ Mobile Security 

NQ Mobile Security was first all know as the NetQin Mobile Antivirus. If you need software which is good, in complete protection from viruses, malware and spyware, then, NQ Mobile Security is meant for you. It runs on background therefore consumes lower power.

More to this, you can download your audios, videos, document, and application from the internet without being afraid of virus attack. 

How to use it Spybot on Mac

Spy bot

The Mac version of Spybot has not been developed, but some alternative which are also actives and functions well exist.

Alternatives for Mac


MacScan is necessary for computers because it helps you eradicate threats from your PC. It is easy to use for beginner and offers you instructions and tips and also provides you with helpful features. To download the app is very simple?

All need to do is enter a valid email address on the homepage of the developer and the download process will start instantly.


It is a dedicated antivirus for Mac users. It is easy to set, eradicates various types of antivirus and scans your Mac without slowing it down. There are useful options on ClamXav such as; configuring the app the app in such a way that it avoids scanning certain files extensions.

Can also permit you to choose some folder from your Mac and decide to automatically scan them. 

McAfee Internet Security

Mac users are susceptible to online risk as PC users, thus, they also need protection. McAfee is considered as the required and comprehensive antimalware for Mac users.

Even though Mac users are not apt to get the same viruses as PC users, they also need antivirus and McAfee is the best for the circumstance. 

How to use Spybot on IPhone

Everybody knows that all devices need to have antivirus in its system which is not always true. This is the case for iPhones and iPods, which have a built in security integrated into its system to fight against malware.

However, if you want to have a peace of mind when using, it is necessary to have some anti-malware for your iPhone.

Alternatives for IPhone

Avira Mobile Security

This is best software that is essential for IPhones because it blocks direct access to websites that caries malwares. It is a free app for IPhone and iPad users that is certainly unavoidable for them.

Most of your important data are protected with the anti-theft found on Avira.  It has an optimum performance and has tools that analyses your and how you use the space.


Avast is a completely free software that offers free protection for the iPhone, but they have a payable layer that you additional protection. If you are someone who loves to use Wi-Fi networks, but you are afraid of the virus you may contract, don’t fear no more because Avast can scan Wi-Fi networks to make sure that you are free when browsing.

Lookout Security and Protection

What makes this app so attractive is the fact that it offers four layers of full protection against malware and viruses. Although this app is less popular, as far as iPhones and iPads are concerned, it is nonetheless one of the most effective solutions for its security in the market.

Frequently asked questions

F asked Qustion

Here are some FAQs on the App

Can Spybot work on Window 10?

Of course it can work; the app has successfully been tested on this version. Window 10 users can be proud to have the app on their PCs.

When will Spybot 3 be launched?

Experts are working hard on the issue; the app will be available soon. Take a look at the interface in Spybot Anti-Beacon to have an idea. 

Is Spybot in conflict with other antivirus?

If your Mac already has an antivirus running in it and has the same characteristics as Spybot, it’s better to disable the equivalent live protection in Spybot or in the other app. Prefer Spybot because it has more than enough benefit for your Mac.

Does Window 8 support Spybot?

Yes, there is no problem for you running Spybot on your Window 8 edition.


Spybot is an undoubtedly vigorous security application. It has numerous features that everyone would like for his Computer. As you already know it is simple to use, it searches and identifies malware, fast in scanning as compare to outdated software.

The free version, though limited, is less efficient than the paid version that scans and does many other wonders.

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