Tachiyomi App for Android, (Windows 7, 8. 10), & Mac

Tachiyomi App for Android


Name: Tachiyomi App

Description: Tachiyomi app is one of those apps that let you into the comic world by giving you access to any manga on your Smartphone as fast and as easy as possible. It is filled with lots of Mangas from a very detailed catalog including titles available through Mangafox, Kissmanga, and manga here.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Windows, and Mac

Application Category: Comic and Books

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Key Features

  • Supports online reading sources like Kissmanga, Batoto, Mangahere, Mangafox, etc
  • Multiple viewers setting with the configurable reader and reading directions
  • Supports ‘myAnimeList, Kitsu, AniList’
  • Customization light/dark themes
  • Allows library updating on new chapters schedule
  • Locally create backups or cloud service


Tachiyomi is one of the best apps to use when it comes to reading Mangas on your Smartphone. With a windows version, if you are a huge lover of wider screens then this would be totally awesome for you to use. The app absolutely allows you to customize your background color and theme depending on your preference. (You can select between white or dark theme).




Tachiyomi consists of about 35 languages. It allows you to set to your desired language regardless of the system default language. This allows more understanding of non-native speakers of the initial default language.

Application theme

Tachiyomi has a customizable setting for themes that have to do with how the app would look and how the colors are used through the app. It could be a light or dark theme. The light theme is the default theme with the blue accents. You would have to select the dark theme if that is what you want.

There is also the Amoled theme which is pitch black in most places and most suitable for OLED screens. Another theme is the dark blue theme which is the main theme.

Library Auto-Update Restriction

Usually, Tachiyomi allows new chapters to update themselves but you are somebody that likes to conserve internet bills or you are into data management, you would be able to restrict the app from auto-updating itself and chapters. This way, when you want to update your new chapters, you would want to add your chapters manually.


Tachiyomi has over 50 extensions that function as add-ons while you are busy on the app. Extensions such as online reading sources like MangaDex, Kissmanga, and Mangakakalot. The fastest of the manga updates include Mangadex and Scanlator sources while Mangakakalot is the largest manga library.

For the highest quality scans and an official translation, it’s Mangasee. If you are looking to explore more in webtoons and Manhwa/Manhua then the right extension for you is Madara, webtoons.com and many more.

Clear Cookies and Cache 

This feature allows you to clear the cache of images from the usage of the app. Tachiyomi lets you clear the cache once it reaches a certain threshold. This feature removes the entries of the manga that is not saved in the library and it is also very useful when it comes to correcting errors.

Similarly, this feature allows you to clear cookies from Tachiyomi and the Webview browser. Clearing this may end up logging you out of your tracking services and some other parts of the app that makes use of cookies during login sessions like Mangadex.

What’s new on the latest version of the Tachiyomi app?

The latest Tachiyomi app is version 0.8.4 which was added on the 16th of March, 2019. This new version requires you to run and android 4.1 or a more recent system update. Here are the most recent updates on the version;

  • Allows the app to create full network access and support custom network protocols
  • Allows you to view the network information to tell which networks exist or are connected
  • Allows you to see the WIFI connections, if it is enabled or not
  • Allows to modify or delete the contents in your shared storage
  • Lets your phone stay on during usage
  • The startup itself as soon as the system stops booting
  • Lets an app request package installation
  • Allows you to add shortcuts to your home screen
  • Lets the Tachiyomi app read the content of your shared storage

How to download and install (for android)

It is indeed very simple to download and install on your android device. All you need to do is to go to your Google play store and simply type ‘Tachiyomi Manga app’.

Make sure you are downloading the right app from the play store because you would be provided with similar apps that might seem confusing to you. But be sure you are downloading from a legit source free of virus or malware because Google Play store does not give access to dangerous apps.

How to use Tachiyomi

How to enable auto-update

Usually, the Tachiyomi app has already been designed to auto-update itself through the stable and development versions over the years. It would automatically update in the background, however, If you want to check for updates, you can by following these steps;

  • Go to the settings and click on the about option
  • After doing this, click the ‘check for updates’ option and you can also long tap on ‘version’ to force a check for the updates

To put off these automatic updates, you only have to disable the check for updates features in the background.

How to change Tachiyomi to your desired language

Tachiyomi is available in about 35 different languages as of the latest version. Usually, the app would display information in the authorized language of your device but only the user interface has been localized i.e. it will display in the language that the manga was sourced in. to change the display language, follow these steps;

  • Go to settings and click on general 
  • Click on the language option,  you would see all the languages that the app is divided into
  • Select the language you would like to change it to

How to install an extension on Tachiyomi

  • Once you have downloaded and installed Tachiyomi, open the app and navigate to the Extensions tab.
  • Just click on the extension you would like to add and click the install button and accept the installation prompt that you would be provided with on your screen
  • For example, when you see Mangadex which is the most popular. Simply click on it and click on the install button and it would be added.

How to add manga to your library

Once you have added Mangadex, you would see it in the catalog tab. Those items that show in the tab are known as sources or catalogs. To find and add a manga, follow the following steps;

  • Browse and search for the manga you want through the latest button on the source you created
  • Once you have found the manga you have been looking for, click on it and tap the blue bookmark button then it would appear in your library, easy and ready to read.

How to download install for PC and MAC

There is currently no PC or MAC version of Tachiyomi so you would have to make do with the longer route which is making use of the android emulator. They all work similarly so I would recommend you use Bluestacks or Nox App Player and follow these steps;

  • Download and install Bluestacks or Nox from the original developer’s website to be safe
  • Open the emulator and sign in if necessary, open the Google play store in it 
  • Once you open the Google play store, search for Tachiyomi and install it.
  • It has a very easy-to-use interface it would be very easy for you to use if you follow the guidelines and instructions.

Tachiyomi App for iPhone

There is no iOS version currently unfortunately but iOS users can check out some similar apps which might be able to provide similar features.

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

Is it safe to use Tachiyomi?

Yes, it is totally safe to use Tachiyomi. If the Tachiyomi app was not safe, Google play would never make it available for download.

Why are some of the images not displaying?

It could be that the images are too big or it could be that you may be experiencing network issues at that point. If the decoder you are using does not support the image type, you may experience the failure to load problem too

Can I save my Mangas on both my internal and external storage?

Presently, that has not been made possible unless you want to try using symlinks and it requires you to root your phone.

What do I do when I lose everything on Tachiyomi?

Sometimes, based on the fact that Tachiyomi is still in beta and some design changes might lead to some unexpected data loss. You should, however, be ready for this by using the automatic backup feature.

Alternatives to Tachiyomi

Manga Rock

This is a tool that allows you to read and download lots and lots of manga series in six different languages (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). Users are allowed to download manga from up to twenty different sources and eve download several volumes simultaneously and minimize the downloader as well while you use your android for something else entirely.

Manga rock allows you to save your favorite collections so that when a newer chapter comes out, you will be notified which means that you would be updated and always be up to date.

Price: $2.99 monthly for the premium version.


This is a platform that is distributed into three main tabs. The first tab includes recommendations depending on your preferences and tastes. This makes it possible for you to find your favorite type of comics and also similar ones.

This section also consists of the most popular Mangas in the whole app. This has to do with the most sought after manga in the whole app. The second tab consists of a very useful reading calendar which helps you keep track of your readings in an organized way.

Price: Free

Super Manga

Super Manga has a very sleek user interface that allows you to read, have access to a huge library of books, and customize your notification features for updated chapters and many more. The manga reader is totally free to use but lots of ads are included.

The Mangas are organized neatly into genres and that makes it easy for you to find your preference. It consists of thousands of manga comic books which are very easy for you to keep track of.

Price: Free

Manga Box

The most amazing thing about this app is the inclusion of images that fit perfectly to the screen of your device. It is totally free to use but just like Super Manga, its inclusion of ads can be very annoying.

On a daily basis, new manga content is added to the library and there are updates on the previous chapters. Although the images fit perfectly to your device screen, it might be inconsistent for some users.

Price: Free

Crunchy Roll Manga

Some people consider this to be the number 1 manga app for animes and Asian content for smartphones. Although it has a free version, the premium version is the most exciting to use because it offers so many more features. Immediately a manga drops in Japan, this app is the best way to be one of the first readers.

It fully supports both iOS and android (both versions are available) including Koma-View that allows maximum scale per panel. It allows you to view the entire series catalog anywhere and at any time.

Price: Free

The Last word

The Tachiyomi app allows you to pick the page sizing you want, erase your viewing cache from your settings bar, and search for titles from amongst hundreds of manga titles from your android Smartphone. Tachiyomi consists of a wide number of old and new Mangas in its server. This way, you can access your old-time favorites for new re-read within seconds of searching.

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