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Talkatone For PC

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Name: Talkatone

Description: Talkatone free calls and texting is an app that lets you make phone calls and send text messages to anywhere in the world.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, Iphone

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

• Talkatone can be your phone number! • Get a free US/Canada phone number of your choice • Phone calls can be made for free, without a cell phone plan • Free Wi-Fi calls let you call anyone, even if you don’t have a cell data plan

I’m very much sure that all that will be running in your mind now is “Tell us how to download Talkatone” Just chill I will tell you how but for now let us tell you some things you need to know about this app before installing so that you will have a full knowledge of what it is use for.

You might have heard or read that this app enables users to send and receive all kinds of messages and different phone calls. But, all this could only be achieved through the use of Wi-Fi and a good internet connection.

On Talkatone, you will have opportunity to get an authentic U.S number of your choice and it’s all for free, it requires no payment. The most interesting and surprising thing about this app is that it possess no disturbing advertisements and ads.

Talkatone software application was created in such a way that it allows users to call and receive calls from or to anybody anywhere without passing through any difficulties. You can also have your own group chats maybe for business, fun, friends and families etc.

Even if I didn’t tell you all about the Talkatone app, I believe with the little I’ve said you will get to see more when you get it.

Here are the procedures to follow to successfully install Talkatone on your PC:

Procedures on How to Download Talkatone App on your Windows/Mac Computer System:

You may have been looking for this opportunity for long, I mean ways which will give you access to using your system just the same way you use your mobile phones. Here I will walk you through how to achieve that using an Android emulator on your system. Talkatone app was basically created for mobile device only but with the support of what we call ‘Emulator app” you will be able to run Android apps on PC.

Emulator popularly known as Android emulators will enable you to make use of mobile applications on your computer system. There are series of emulators in which most of them are free that is they involve no payment or extra charge to get their better version. Examples of emulators are Andy OS, NOX, Bluestacks etcetera. The most common among them and most widely in use is the Buestacks Android emulator. Here I will tell you about some emulators, their uses, and credibility and how to make use of them.


Bluestacks Android emulator for SuperLivePro On your system:

Bluestacks is the most widely used Android emulator. It is also a very good choice when looking for means of installing Android apps on personal computers.

Its graphics option cannot be compared to another, its layout is incredible, and it enables one to have access over the keyboard by editing to make it look beautiful. You can also create shortcuts for easy access and easy running of the program.

It has some few Ads that make some complain of the emulator but to others the Ads is not a problem so far it offers them opportunity to successfully do what they want to do.

Bluestacks is a free app that is available for installation anytime, launching Bluestacks and setting up Talkatone is not a hard thing to achieve. Here is a list on how to go about it

Download Bluestacks Android emulator:

  1. Log in to your Google account after the installation process has been completed.
  2. Go to Google play store
  3. Using the search icon, search for Talkatone
  4. Download and install.

MeMu Emulator:

Memu emulator was specifically created for gamers only so as to enable them have access to play any game of their choice on their computer. Memu is a well-developed emulator, though it is meant for gamers alone it also works well for talkatone.

The different between Blustacks and Me-mu emulator is that Bluestacks runs Ads while me-mu doesn’t. Me-mu offers users an opportunity to do whatever they want to do without any disturbance or obstructions while Bluetsacks is usually updated at all time for better access and use but, Me-mu is a bit outdated.


Running Me-mu has no significant difference to running Bluestacks. After downloading Me-mu in your playstore you can then follow the below processes in downloading Talkatone on your PC –

  • Launch MeMu
  • Sign in your Google account after complete installation of Talkatone.
  • Go to Google play store
  • Using the search icon, search for Talkatone
  • Download and install.

More Talkatone Features:

You may doubting and asking yourself that how possible it could be to make calls and send sms text to people without having to insert a sim card into your computer system. But with Talkatone it is a reality, you can achieve all that without some external damage or whatever on your system. Just make sure you read this article to the end so you can have knowledge of how to go about it.

It offers free valid phone number:

On Talkatone, you will have opportunity to get an authentic US number of your choice and it’s all for free, it requires no payment so far you are connected and possibly using a good internet connections.

The Texting Feature of Talkatone:

The texting features of Talkatone are the best of all its features. Talkatone has made it available for you to be able to text as you like. With Talkatone you can send SMS or MMS text with your US or Canadian number.

Burner Numbers:

  1. You can decide to change your number anytime you like, you will be able to access it by clicking c “Burn now”
  2. Photo Texting: With Talkatone you can send as much as you can photos with your webcam.
  3. You also do not need to buy card before you can send images to a U.S or Canadian mobile number.

You can call international numbers:

Talkatone is a friendly app that offers a wide range of unique features; you can even earn free call airtime while using the application especially if you need to make calls with people in other countries. Talkatone is available in almost every part of the world.

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