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Name: Textme

Description: Textme is a reference as an application on play store with several facets such as email, takes more than one phone number and also the possibility of making practical calls. It has no hidden costs and no capture like some applications. With this app you have unlimited messages, calls, videos and photo messaging to everyone in Canada, USA and 40 countries around the world.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: IOS, Android

Application Category: Social

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Key Features

  • Unlimited message and photo for free in the USA, Canada and 40 other countries.
  • Free voice and video calls, this includes calls to the USA
  • Send photos and voice and video messages to friends for free
  • You can transform your IPOD TOUCH as well as your IPAD into a phone
  • Your Drop box photos and videos can be sent via direct message from Textme


  • Free texts and calls in the UK, the US, and 40 other countries 
  • Deliver bulky pictures, voice messages along with videos
  • Your new number accepts texts and calls
  • Easy to share your location with a click


  • Not available on PC.
  • Doesn’t show when a contact is writing.
  • Two users must have Textme installed to be able to exchange.

Main features of the app

text me

Free calls

Textme is above all a free application. It allows you to send messages and calls for free. With this app you intuitively call your loved ones in Brazil, Canada, USA and 40 other countries around the world. It is possible to use this app locally as well as internationally.

Unlimited calls

With this app, calls and messages are no longer a problem for you. You can make calls and messages to anyone. Above all, it allows you to make national and international calls for almost no cost.

Premium service

The premium service available on textme will allow you to take more advantage of the app. The premium service is very affordable and available to all users who have installed the application on their smartphone. This app brilliantly revolutionizes the traditional means of communication to a whole new system which is very easy to use.

Connect two users

Textme is now the app that allows users around the world to be very close despite the geographic distance that separates them. That said, with this app installed on your smartphone, it is possible for a user to send video, to make HD calls with friends throughout the USA, Canada and 40 other countries. This app does not have a strict rule on its use.

How to install Textme on PC

text me

If you want free text, free calls, and free second number on your PC, then install textme. Since there is no textme version for PC yet, you will use bluestacks to have access to it on your PC.

Install using Bluestacks

BlueStacks is sort of a ladder that allows you to run android applications on your PC. Here you will find steps to follow in order to use this app on your PC

  • Obviously first install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Start BlueStacks on your PC
  • Once BlueStacks is installed, go to the emulator and click on the ‘’My applications’’ button
  • Do a search for Textme then.
  • The result of the search for text will be visible.
  • Then simply install the application
  • Using your Google account, log in to download apps to the play store on BlueStacks
  • After activating the connection, the installation of textme will start depending on your internet connection

How to use Textme on Pc

After you have downloaded and install the Textme in your PC, now comes the time to use it.

  1. Open Signal on the mobile device and tap ‘’setting’’ followed by ‘’linked device’’.
  2. Scan the QR code on your PC with your phone, you can now use it on your PC
  3. Select your contact’s username on ‘’To’’
  4. Edit the message you want to send
  5. Finally tap on the ‘’send’’ button.


If you are a maniac of messages and calls I will recommend this app because , with this app you send free messages, videos, HD calls with friends who has installed the same app on their smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

Is TextMe for free? Do I need internet to run it?

Yes, it is a free service working with your current data plan that is the one you use for email and for browsing.

How can I transfer my chats?

Users using the premium options have the possibility to export their conversations;

  • First select the conversation in particular
  • Tap on the name on the conversation
  • Choose ‘’export conversation’’
  • Then choose your action

How do I add a contact?

You have to attach the contact to your contacts list on your mobile. It will then immediately switch over to the user.

Best Alternatives for Textme

1. Telos

Telo is an exceptional application which offers its user a free telephone number during registration. It helps to create unlimited family, friends and loved one’s connections. You have access to a USA number after registration, which allows you to communicate without having a SIM card. 

How to install and use Telos on PC

  1. First of all, type “download Blue Stacks” on the search bar
  2. Next, do the search for Telos
  3. Next, install and use Telos on your PC freely

2. Signal

Signal is a result of a merged of two apps TextSecure and RedPhone. Here you have free instant messages, you can create groups so as to chat and communicate instantly with family friends and relatives. You can also use it to share images, videos or attachment discretely.

How to install and use Signal on Pc

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Type ‘’Signal’’ on the search bar, then press ‘’Enter’’.
  3. Next click on ‘’add to chrome’’ button and a confirmation message appears.
  4. Click ‘’add app’’ when the installation is over, a pop-up appears with ‘’welcome to Signal desktop’’
  5. Next click on ‘’get started’’ and ‘’got it’’
  6. Open Signal on the mobile device and tap ‘’setting’’ followed by ‘’linked device’’.
  7. Scan the QR code on your PC with your phone and use it freely.

3. Talkatone

This therefore allows its users to enjoy unlimited calls, endless messages to loved one. It is different from traditional regular communication based app in that this one offers free access to VolP communication throughout the world.

How to install and use Talkatone on your PC

  1. First of all download BlueStacks on play store
  2. Next do the installation for BlueStacks and run the Software
  3. On the search bar, tap ” Talkatone ” in play store
  4. Run Talkatone on your PC


Textme is the app to use for the complete enjoyment of free text, videos, and messages in the USA, Brazil, Canada and many other countries in the globe. Do not hesitate to download one use your PC as a phone.

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