TextPlus for PC (Windows7, 8, 10), Android and IOS

TextPlus for PC

text plus

Name: TextPlus

Description: TextPlus is a messaging application designed for devices that run on IOS and Android Operating System. This application is designed to assist users to communicate, send free text messages to other users anywhere in the world, as well as share free picture messages, calls and voicemails.

Operating System: Windows, Android and IOS

Application Category: Social Networking

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Key Features

  • Text messages to Textplus users is free.
  • Unique group chat features and live inbox in clouds.
  • TextPlus inbox is synced across devices.
  • Amazing shared photo quality and graphic designs in users’ interface.
  • Resizable live tiles with real-time updates.


  • Free text messages, calls, picture messages and voicemail.
  • Syncs conversations across devices.
  • Search features include phone numbers and email addresses.


  • Poor shared pictures quality.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Compelling and obsessive.

TextPlus Functionality

text plus

TextPlus is a chatting application that has instant messaging features, enabling users to send and receive messages from other users anywhere in the world for free, the amazing features of this application, as well as its friendly user interface, enable it have the best reviews, ratings and user feedback.


Friendly user interface 

TextPlus is an amazing chatting and messaging application that allows users keep in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world. This application allows users navigate with easy swipes from their fingertips, and also with live tiles that allows them pin chats to get quick updates.

This application allows users share conversations via group chats and send out invites to friends and family. The application generally allows users send multimedia messages, and text messages with one click.

Free text and picture messages.

TextPlus as a messaging application allows users send free text messages to other users across the world. TextPlus users from anywhere in the world can register with their phone numbers to use this application.

however; users from the United States and Canada get free phone numbers for free SMS texting. The application also allows users share picture messages from their picture hub and via existing pictures from previous conversations.

Customized chat features

TextPlus allows users apply bling to beautiful themes and colors in order to customize their interface to sooth them. It also features live tiles that are resizable, with unique lock screen features. It also allows users pin live tiles to their home screen and get real-time updates on chat conversations. 

Synced conversation across devices

TextPlus syncs conversations across users’ devices, which simultaneously allows users receive and send messages from any of their synced devices. The application features live chats that runs with cloud, which allows users save money on monthly mobile plan and texting plans.

Search and connect features

TextPlus features easy search tools that allows users search for friends via their phone numbers and email addresses, as it now allows users register with their phone numbers from anywhere in the world. 

How to Install TextPlus on your PC


TextPlus is an amazing chatting application designed to run on Android Operating System and IOS, but can be installed on any Windows PC or Mac PC. This application can easily run on any PC via android emulators.

It is essential to install the right android emulator that is compatible with your PC, in order to successfully run the application. There are numerous android emulators, some of which include BlueStack, NoxPlayer, vMac and Leapdroid.

Download Directly From Microsoft Store for PC: 


How to Install TextPlus On Your PC with Android Emulators.

  • Download and install any android emulator on your PC, e.g. Bluestack.
  • Ensure your IP address is correct to download the compatible version.
  • Launch the android emulator and run the play store.
  • Search and download the TextPlus application. 
  • Install the application.
  • Click Run to open.


text plus
  • Download and install an android emulator on your Mac or Windows PC.
  • Download TextPlus installer file on your PC.
  • Launch the android emulator, drag and drop the application’s installer file on the home screen
  • The android emulator installs TextPlus.
  • Once installed, click Run to open. 

We Prefer Bluestack. You can check the article to Install an emulator – https://techniar.com/bluestacks-for-pc-mac/


TextPlus is an amazing chatting and messaging application that allows users keep in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world. It allows users to connect with friends and family free of charge.

This application is designed to support group chats and multimedia messages, with a saved call history on the file hostage server. This application syncs with other devices which automatically allows users receive and respond to messages via any of those connected devices.

I strongly recommend this application for anyone that travels a lot, and anyone who wants to send messages, calls, voicemails and picture messages to family and friends anywhere in the world at very cheap rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

1. Can TextPlus Messenger run on my Pc?

Yes. TextPlus can run on any Window PC or Mac PC, by installing it through any Android Emulator that is compatible with your device.

2. Do I have to sign up to use TextPlus?

Yes. TextPlus allows user sign up with their phone numbers anywhere in the world and offers users in the United States and Canada numbers to send free messages.

3. The application does not launch on my PC?

Be sure to install any android emulator that is compatible for your device, restart the application, and reinstalling TextPlus.

4. TextPlus keeps asking for updates?

We continuously update our application to fix bugs, and provide better user experience; with awesome features.

5. Can I use TextPlus, I don’t stay in the US or Canada?

Textplus enables user signup from any country and region in the world with a user base from over two hundred countries in several regions of the world.

Best alternatives for TextPlus

There are several chatting applications that are continuously competing to have more users on their medium, each of these messaging application has unique features that makes them stand out from others, some alternatives for Textplus includes WhatsApp and TextNow.


is a mobile messaging application that allows users send and receive messages from anywhere in the world, with billions of users all over the world. The application has an end to end user encryption that makes every message its users send secured. The registration process of WhatsApp is simple and does not require log-on, among its numerous unique features.


is a messaging application that allows users send and receive voice calls for free, and also share pictures, and videos. The application allows users in the United States and Canada make unlimited calls to any phone number.


TextPlus is an amazing messaging application that allows users send and receive SMS from anywhere in the world for free, with several other unique features and a friendly user interface.

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