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TinyTunes for Android, iPhone, PC (Windows7, 8, 10)



Name: TinyTunes

Description: TinyTunes is a very secured app that allows users to enjoy various music from different artist ranging from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Blues, Rap, Rock, Gospel e.t.c

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iPhone, Ipad, Ipod, and Window PC

Application Category: Communication

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  • Performance
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Key features

  • Installable on your device.
  • Light megabyte use for app download, Unknown source download.
  • Million music available for downloads, Music Library.
  • Downloads and streaming, Transfer downloaded songs to your phone.
  • Proper classification based on genres, country and ratings.
  • Categories of library, download, now playing e.t.c.
  • The application is very useful, It’s also available on Spotify
  • Its very simple to use, It is free to use, You can download directly
  • It’s very effective  and you can create a queue/roll of your songs
  • You can delete from your roll or add to it
  • It’s very fast and reliable, It consumes less memory on your device


  • Free Downloading of songs for offline listening
  • Free Streaming of songs when connected to internet
  • Store downloaded songs anywhere on your devices
  • Quick and fast search that create access to different songs
  • Simple and easy for use.
  • Top songs, most recent and best of genres available


  • There might be difficulty opening downloaded songs on devices, most especially your PC and Windows.
  • There might be interception and redirection while downloading the songs
  • Downloading from unknown source may become difficult based on your devices

TinyTunes’s Main Features

Music Library.

It allows you to create your own playlist. The library category stores up your downloaded songs for offline listening. The downloaded songs saved on the app may be listened to without internet connection anytime.

Search Button

You can stream different songs on the app with your internet connection (preferably 4G). Music from different artiste based on genres and classes of songs including the top-rated and most recent can be listened to either on your android, iPhone and window devices.

Streaming Of Songs:  

The quick search button allows you to click and find the songs of your choice. A list of songs by the artist name that you types are immediately provided on your device for you to choose from

Itune Top Songs

Popular, most recent and top rated songs are categorized and provided under the apps for you to choose from. The stored songs are consistently reviewed from time to time based on the ratings.

The top songs are based on the different genres including local and foreign songs

Latest Version

Updated 2020 version is available for your download. The new version is the best and its very famous for use.

Search For Several Server:

You can use different kind of server at the same time for the songs that you want to stream or download. This is one of the key features that differentiate it from other application.

Fast and Very Useful:

It allows for fast downloading of the songs of your choice. Both old songs and recent songs will easily drop on your phone when you click for downloading.

The latest version has solve the bug and response issues. It responds faster and all bugging has been cleared for better result 

Quality of The Songs Available for download:

The songs available on this application are free from virus and other obstrusion. They are quality songs for your enjoyment and delight.

Different Genres Of Songs Available:

the application opens you up to different categories and class of songs.

Arranging of Songs in Order:

You can select songs in your own order of arrangement. You can arrange alphabetically or based on the most recent. This really helps you to access your folder. The arrangement of your choice allows you to easily find the songs that you want

Mistake Free Application:

The application was built without error for your ultimate enjoyment. It can never get it wrong. Its always updated and all foreseeable problems has been rectified.

30 Seconds Download:

With a very fast internet connection, you can download this app within 3o seconds and it is ready for use.

Available for iPhone and IOS users:

The application was developed to make it useful for IOS and Iphone users.

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You Can Download Through Emulators:

Bluestacks for pc

Emulators allow you to easily download and install these devices on your PC. The emulator may be initially downloadeded before further downloading your favourite tinytune apps. BlueStack is one of the available emulator that allows you to download this application. Using BlueStack Window 7.8.1 and 10. You can directly log into your android emulator and download your songs.

We Prefer Bluestack. You can check the article to Install an emulator – https://techniar.com/bluestacks-for-pc-mac/

Easy to be Launched:

You can launch this application easily and successfully after downloading it.


The download section automatically store up your songs for you. The downloaded songs will always be saved under your downloads as long as the app is on your device. You may be able to gain access to your downloaded songs if you log into your tiny tune app on another device.

How To Download And Install On Your Android

  • To download this excellent application straight to your device, you have to install directly from the Playstore of Google on your devices, android e,t,c. 
  • Allow and enable the permission request to enable download
  • You may not be able to download straight from google play.
  • As an alternative, you may download directly from a link or website or unknown source if enabled on your android device
  • To ensure uninterrupted and fast download, ensure your devices is connected to the proper internet services. (4G or Wi-Fi is preferable for faster and better result).
  • Check your Security setting and allow it to enable download from unknown source if you are downloading from an unknown source.
  • Search for the downloaded app on your device and allow to be saved on the home screen for easy access.
  • Open the application and allow your installation to complete absolutely
  • Then, you may dig in, search, download as you desire.

How To Download Tinytunes On Iphone.

To download this application on your apple device:

  • Go to the App store and search for TINY Tunes application  on your web browser 
  • Click on the Tiny Tune app version that you wish to download.
  • Opening and read the guide of the application on your device.
  • Further tap on the get button and wait for sometimes for complete download.
  • Move the application to the home screen of your apple devices.
  • You may then open, stream save and download songs for your offline listening pleasure

How To Download On Your Window Pc Using An Emulator.

  • Install the Emulator on your device.
  • There are different Emulators available for your use on the devices like Dalvik, IEMU, IOS,Cydia, iAndroid, Cider e.t.c
  • The emulator required may depend on your type of window PC
  • Using the emulator on your PC, you can be able to download the TinyTune application on your device.
  • You can access the app after installing it on your device through the emulator and enjoy the available songs.
  • You can transfer the files on the application on your PC to your phone through USB.
  • You can download through an available link

How To Download On Your Window Pc Without Emulator

  • Go to your window browser preferably using Firefox or Chrome.
  • Search using the http search for tinytunesapp.com.
  • Further click on download application after accessing the web and reading the instruction.
  • If there is no redirection, it might take minutes before it fully download.
  • After download, open the app and register as a user to enable you download, stream and save songs on your devices freely.


TinyTunes is easy for use and download. It’s faster and better and further gives access for you to download different songs of your choice at all times.

Some Advantages

  • you can use different search methods to get your songs.
  • You can download different songs at the same time
  • It has a built in player
  • You can listen to songs without restriction
  • You can use it within a short time
  • You can share the downloaded songs with another device
  • You can download it from an official site
  • You can arrange your own audio files
  • Unlimited songs available for your enjoyment
  • It helps you to become more passionate about music
  • You do not need to register to use the application
  • There are no adds to using this application
  • It has virtually all the songs that you want
  • It always work on your devices no matter what
  • it helps you to find songs that have copyright
  • it’s a very special application

Some Disadvantages

  • There are other similar application on the internet and they are available for your download. Like Pandora.
  • You may not find a matching  search
  • You may not be able to use this application without a third partyb like emulator

Frequently asked questions

F asked Qustion

Can I download more than one song at a time?

Depending on your device and the internet connection, you can click on more than one songs and it will immediately download and save them under your download or your devices.

How much do I need to stream and download Songs?

Downloading and streaming of songs on the app is completely free and you need not pay for any of them.

Can I log into my tinytune app on another device?

Yes, provided that it is a TinyTune enabled device like your PC, iPhone and Android. After registering your account, you can use your username and password on another device that have TinyTune and you will be able to access all your music history and download up to date.

Can I Recover My Password After Losing It ?

You can easily recover your password by entering the username and mail address/phone number that you registered with under the recover password table. It instantly sends a code to your mail or contact for recovery.

How Long Can I Save My Downloaded Songs?

The songs on your devices will remain as long as your account was not deleted or you unsubscribed. Even when you lose your device, you can access your application on a new device with your username and password. You downloaded songs remain intact under the apps.

Can I Use The Application For Commercial?

The application is useful for DJs for commercial purposes too.

Best Alternatives 


GoogleMusicPlay has been in existence for a long time and it is accessible through your google account. Limited songs are available for download. Most time, it comes with your phone as an already existing application and it may not need download.


It has being in existence since 2007, it has a larger storage system, widely known and subscribed to by many. It includes lots of podcasters and artiste.


It requires subscription fees per month. It’s an international system and it involves a large community too.


It is an international radio network that automatically allows you to download and stream songs. It involves a large community too, it uses music genome.


TinyTune is an excellent device and it is very unique. It is very necessary for music lover but you may find it difficult downloading due to bug as the software application is still under upgrade and development.

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