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Name: Top Buzz

Description: TopBuzz For Pc provides you with the best media related, sport-related or movie related news. Though it is an android app but you can still use it on Mac and Pc. You are able to access news from over 10,000 trusted sources like CNN, USA Today, Bloomberg, etc. and able to scan through hundreds and thousands of personalized funny videos and GIFs that could interest you. Basically, it is one of those smart apps that gives you a daily dose of information.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android, Pc, iOS

Application Category: News

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Key Features

  • Free news app
  • Support Thousands of Sites
  • Trusted News Source
  • All in one – Weather, Sports, Politics


The amazing thing about this app is that it offers you first-class global and global information just when you need it, it even predicts the weather for you! then you will know just when to go out with your raincoat or umbrella.


The only thing that can be discouraging when using this app is that there are multiple contents reloading every second so you might miss out on some information you could have regarded to as important on your own part.

TopBuzz dedicatedly brings all the news and entertainment information you should know in one place. It makes you able to access funny videos and GIFs and you can even share it on your social media page like Facebook or Instagram. So instead of saving copying stories, you can just directly send them to your social media platforms.

In short, you will be able to stay up to date with a whole range of categories depending on your mood and what you want to see at that moment. The way TopBuzz works is that users have to sign up in order to be able to post their own content like news, videos, etc. you can also promote your brand, your products and connect with a number of potential clients or customers.

TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs
TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot
  • TopBuzz – Trend-Videos, Nachrichten & lustige GIFs Screenshot

Key Features Of TopBuzz App For Windows & Mac

You can make money on TopBuzz

TopBuzz allows you to earn in three different ways. By Uploading videos through your local drive or YouTube or Facebook, you can also make money by writing an article containing text, videos and images and finally by uploading GIF images with a minimum of three seconds. You know the way you can make money off YouTube by merely uploading videos and getting paid for it, the same goes for TopBuzz because you earn money through video views.

The mode of payment is through PayPal, sign up and start earning from TopBuzz. The way you earn is that TopBuzz would allow you to make $1 per 100 views making $0.001 per view and you don’t even need to go through any stress before your video gets recognized or watched because TopBuzz is a large community made up of about a billion users that would watch your video is it’s worth watching. So, it can beat YouTube along as your video is good enough.

Personalized feeds

Instead of wasting your time scrolling through numerous and irrelevant news, TopBuzz would customize every day feeds strictly according to your interests as you will not be bombarded with unnecessary articles, videos or gifs but they would be recommended according to your interest.

User-Friendly Interface

This app is very easy to understand as it was designed with different categories covering the latest Buzz, news, featured, sports, entertainment, and technology. The brief but catchy headline along with an insert from stories allows users to easily scan the content and decide if they want to see the main content or not.

Everything you need in one app

In a matter of seconds, you can get all the attest news about technology, entertainment or sports in the form of Gifs, articles or more without having to gather information from different sources.

Topbuzz for pc

How to download and install TopBuzz on pc

TopBuzz does not have a pc version so the best way to use this app is through android emulators. 

  • I would recommend downloading Bluestacks or Nox App Player on your Windows or Mac pc because they are bug-free and have a smooth interface. Launch the emulator and log in your google account to access your app store.
  • Search for TopBuzz for pc, the search result might show you different versions of the app, download the plain version because the three versions would only present you with viral videos and take more room from your storage memory.
  •  follow the installation process on what you’re supposed to do and simply enjoy using the TopBuzz app!

TopBuzz For Iphone Download Link –

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FAQ OF Top Buzz Apk

What do I do if my post on TopBuzz is rejected?

Basically, before your post is accepted on TopBuzz, it has to pass through the TopBuzz Review system which is made up of both human and machine editor that make sure that the post matches up to the standard of the company. So, if your post is not accepted, don’t be discouraged, try to create a more TopBuzz worthy content.

What type of contents are not allowed with TopBuzz?

TopBuzz would not accept plagiarized or x rated content, instead, you could read the acceptable content requirements before putting out a post. Your account may be banned from the community and you may end up losing all your earnings from the account.

How do I delete my TopBuzz account?

It is not possible to completely delete your TopBuzz account. Instead what you should do is to uninstall the app then you would stop getting notifications and updates from TopBuzz.

Is there a limit to the URL uploads on TopBuzz?

Yes! TopBuzz users are only allowed to submit up to five videos within a 24-hour period. This is because TopBuzz has to verify that users have permission to submit all contents and this could take a while. 

How do I get paid on TopBuzz?

The mode for payment on TopBuzz is through PayPal or wire transfer. The system requires you to set up a payment option when you go to the earning option. Whatever payment method you set up determines how you would be paid on TopBuzz.

Though TopBuzz is Suitable for Mobile Version both for android and iPhone, still you can use TopBuzz for Pc and Mac by an emulator. By the way, I think you really enjoyed this one. Don’t Forget To Share with your friends.

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