township game for pc

Township Game for PC & Mac | City-building & Farming Game

Township Game for PC

township game for pc

Name: Township Game

Description: The Township game for pc is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows phones. These days, games have become a part of our lives. There are a lot of different games available each having its specificity. However, some games become very popular because of their exciting features, such as the Township. It is a farming and city-building game developed by Playrix. It enables you to harvest crops, sell goods, and develop your dream town! Township game operates on mobile systems however it can also be played on your pc. Just download an app called emulator and enjoy township on your pc! Go through the essay and you’ll find how to use it on pc.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Game

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Key Features

  • Include lovely animals
  • Beautiful farms to manage
  • Enables you to build a zoo of your choice
  • Ancient artifacts to discover


Township allows you to build a town just as you want. It has bright colors and cheerful music that makes the game more interesting. After pausing the game, you can continue it from that position even after several days!


If you want to progress in the game, you’ll have to spend some money. It’s also not easy to get supplies to level up the barn.

The township game is recently updated and consists of various advanced features. Below are some of the features of this game given that compels you to install this amazing game on your PC.

1. Creating a Dream Town

Township game enables you to create your dream town by using different buildings and decorations. You can use various bright colors to make your town look perfect.

2. Managing Farms

You can create and manage farms playing this game. It allows you to grow crops and expand them.

3. Beautiful Animals to Look After

Another feature of the township game for pc is that it enables you to take care of beautiful and lovely animals, making the game more fascinating.

4. Adding Your Friends

While playing the township game, you can also add your Facebook or Instagram friends, or make new friends in the game community.

How to Install Township on PC:

To install Township on pc, there are two methods available. Let’s discuss them one-by-one!

  • Using BlueStacks App Player
  • Using Nox App Player

1. Using BlueStacks to Install Township on PC:

BlueStacks is basically an android app that enables you to run android software on pc. Just follow the given steps and you are done with installing Township on your pc!

  • The first step is to install BlueStacks in your pc.
  • After installing BlueStacks, launch it on pc and press on “My Apps” in the emulator.
  • Search for Township and when you see it, click on the “Install” button.
  • Open your Google account and download apps from Google play.
  • After login into your Google account, the installation of Township will start.

2. Using Nox to Install Township on PC:

Nox is also an Android emulator and can be used to run android apps on pc. Follow the steps given below to install Township game on your pc using Nox app:

  1. First of all, install Nox on your pc.
  2. Login to your Google account and search for Township.
  3. Click on “Install” and the installation process of Township will start.
  4. It will take few minutes and after completion of the installation, enjoy Township on your pc!

How to Use Township Apk Game on your PC:

Using Township game on mobile is different than using it on your PC. Let’s find out how to build a beautiful town while using Township on your pc.

1. Expand Your Town Early On

It is necessary to expand your town early on in the game. It is because most of the things are cheaper early on in the Township game. Later on, expansions will become costly or expensive, limiting the size of your town.

2. Give Priority to Short Orders

Try to focus on short orders when you are looking to sell goods. It enables you to earn more and make the most of your factories. Avoid those orders that take hours because they make leveling up slower.

3. Invite Friends Online

While playing Township on pc, you can interact with your friends online. Invite your social media friends and grow your town much more quickly.

4. Plant Slow Growing Crops before you leave

Before you go to bed, plant those crops that take a lot of time to grow. This allows you to harvest plenty of crops, next time you play the game.

5. Avoid Wasting T-Cash

Avoid wasting T-cash on productions, as it is the game’s premium currency.

Developer: Playrix
Price: Free+
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Q1. How do I sync my township game?

Open the game settings and connect the newly installed Township on the same account you used on the previous device. Press “Old Town” and download it. Click “confirm” and enjoy the game on your new device.

Q2. Is Township safe for kids?

Township is an educational game and is considered safe for children. It is albeit time-consuming game and is played by millions of children worldwide.

Q3. Can township be played offline?

Yes, you can play township offline but you’ll not be able to request lives. Also, you will not be able to register your gains, while playing township offline.

Q4. How to invite friends on township app?

On the bottom left on your screen, click “Friends”. This allows you to add your Facebook friends, making township game more interesting.

township game for pc

Popular Alternatives of Township App for PC:

Township game is widely used by people on their pc. It has excellent features to offer and is free of cost. However, there are some alternatives to it. Let’s discuss them in a bit detail!

1. Country Escape

Developed by Zynga, Country Escape is an adventurous and fantasy game. This game is similar to the township where you have to collect goods and craft recipes. You have to make towns and farms, raise animals, and grow crops. Country Escape also has the feature of inviting your friends.

2. Farm Tribe

It is a popular alternative to Township and is widely played by gamers. It offers unique features and is a mixture of mystery and adventure. Farm Tribe allows you to build farms, collect food, and guide your tribe of people correctly.

3. Viva Pinata

Published by Microsoft Games Studios, Viva Pinata is a life-simulation game for pc. It is called Pinata because this game revolves around a garden in Pinata Island. The players try to restore this garden to its original condition and take care of it. They water the plants and flowers regularly and make the garden beautiful.

4. Happy Street

Happy Street is a single-player video game and can be a perfect alternative to the township. In this game, the players aim to create a pleasant and beautiful village using different resources. Happy Street offers countless features and character customization as well, making the game more entertaining.


Township game is making fast progress and becoming popular throughout the world. According to a report in 2017, more than 3.5 million people play this game per day. Many people want to play township on their pc but they don’t know its procedure. You just need to go through this guideline and you’ll face no difficulty in using Township Game on your pc.

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