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Trinus VR Apk For PC

trinus vr apk

Name: Trinus VR

Description: Trinus VR turns your Daydream device into a high-end virtual reality headset for PC. Delivering a high resolution, smooth experience.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, PC, Mac

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

★ Featured in Gizmodo, IGN, Microsoft Insider ★ Winner: ZEISS VR One App Contest ★ Over 1,000,000 downloads ★ Free taster sessions (as many sessions as you want)

Trinus VR is an application that enables you to modify your normal and simple Android gadget into a genuine virtual-reality simulation gadget that you can use for your PC games. The main thing you need is a Google Cardboard or another comparative gadget, and to have the Trinus VR server introduced on your PC. Setting up Trinus VR may be somewhat complex for some of the users, yet once it’s prepared on your PC, you won’t experience any difficulty utilizing it with any of your computer games. 

It’s ideal to utilize Trinus VR remotely, yet in the event that you have issues doing it, you can generally associate the gadget by means of USB, with which you ordinarily improve execution. Trinus VR is an incredible and cheap method for getting a charge out of virtual reality in your games. Trinus VR transforms your Daydream gadget into a very good quality VR simulation headset for PC. Conveying with the top-notch resolution, smooth experience, Trinus isn’t only for SteamVR, it will likewise change over all the non-VR games into a vivid encounter.

What are the Requirements to install Trinus VR App?

  1. You will initially require the Trinus VR PC Server programming ( You can download it from the given official link
  2. After that, you should have a Dream perfect gadget 
  3. Then, you must have a Windows PC with third-gen Intel CPU or any other above version with which an Intel Graphics card is also a necessary part  
  4. Discrete GPU equipped for VR rendering 
  5. Great quality WiFi Router or USB link for direct association

Features of Trinus VR app

Interface With Android Phone: If you need to utilize VR, at that point you ought to be associated with the Android telephone to your PC. Along these lines, you would have the option to play your preferred PC games in computer-generated reality (VR). 

Utilization Of Sensors: Trinus VR Apk utilizes the sensors in your mobile with the end goal of the head tracking to give you incredible VR gaming adventure. 

Time-Confined Sessions: It is allowed to attempt from the start with the time-confined sessions. It frequently works for all by implying with all PC games including GTA, Elite Dangerous, and Minecraft. 

Various Headsets: It is good to work with all headsets including the scope of Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive FreeFly, VR One, Homido, GearVR. 

Remote Gameplay: It is remote gameplay. You can subsequently unlock the full model with no time limitations for a considerably more adventurous experience.

How to install Trinus VR on your Android?

The Trinus VR APK Installation continues similarly as some other APK document for your gadget and in the event that this is something you know, at that point you can avoid this part. But in case, if you have never introduced an APK record, at that point here is the guide for you to do as such:

  1. You should allow authorization to the APK establishment first in light of the fact that the Android doesn’t let any outsider APK documents download on Android gadgets. For this go to the Settings segment and afterward visit Security where you should turn on the “Unknown Sources” option displayed. 
  2. Once done with the unknown sources, you will have to visit the file manager area or the area for Downloads and open up the application from the Trinus VR APK record. The establishment screen will open up at that point. 
  3. After that step, simply Snap on the Install button and the procedure will begin and will take a couple of moments to completion of the installation. 
  4. At the point when the Trinus VR APK document has got done with introducing you can feel free to finish the set up of the Trinus VR server on your device. You ought to likewise introduce the server for Trinus VR on your PC.
Trinus CBVR Lite
Trinus CBVR Lite
Developer: Odd Sheep
Price: Free
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot
  • Trinus CBVR Lite Screenshot

How to install Trinus VR on your PC?

As we previously mentioned that the Trinus VR APK works on a server configuration that can be downloaded through the official website(link given above). This implies that the application must be worked when the server service is running on the PC so we should see how to do it in detail:

  • The server for the Trinus VR can be gotten from the official site without any cost. The server will be pointless without the application itself. Simply visit the official webpage to get to the download link and get it on your PC. 
  • At the point when this has downloaded, you should have to tap on the program to start the establishment wizard. 
  • Continue allowing the demonstrated prompts and afterward click the Install option to complete the procedure. 
  • At that point open up the program and get your Android mobile in association with the PC through a USB link. 
  • Once done successfully, to open the application, you need to consent to some popups inside the application and in the wake of permitting them, the setup will get completed and you can utilize the application. 

What are some of the best alternatives to the Trinus VR App?

You can have a lot more apps to be downloaded if you are looking for an alternative to the Trinus VR App. Some of the applications we can share with you are VRidge, ALVR – Air Light VR, Intugame VR, iVRy, KinoVR, Gagagu VR-Streamer App, etc. are some of the good options to opt for. You can make your mind after reading and looking for the features of each app before the installation procedure.  

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How to start using the Trinus VR app?

For start utilizing the application, the first thing you have to do is that you will have to connect your device to the computer via a USB link. Once done, you have to switch on USB Tethering on your mobile visiting the settings area. After that, launch the Trinus server application on your computer and on your mobile gadget. That’s it, you can now enjoy your favorite games via Trinus VR app.

Is Trinus VR Application free of cost?

Yes, Absolutely. Trinus VR gives gamers a top of the line augmented reality headset without expecting to purchase costly equipment since you as of now have the equipment in your pocket. Trinus utilizes the showcase and sensors of your own telephone to change it into an entrance to your PC games. Live your PC games in virtual reality today.


Have you at any point before contemplated playing each one of those popular games from your PC in Virtual modes? All things considered, that is actually what this application does. It connects your PC to your Android device, changes over the computer game directly into Virtual Reality just as make you have a feeling that you stay in the real pc gaming globe.

Along these lines, this is the procedure through which we can download this Trinus VR application on the entirety of your gadgets like Windows and Android. We trust you have appreciated this instructional article on the most proficient method to download the Trinus VR application on your gadgets. A Genuine thanks to you for visiting our site, kindly offer your perspectives in the comment area below.

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