Viper4Android Equalizer for Android

Viper4Android Equalizer

Name: Viper4Android

Description: Viper4Android is an audio equalizer designed for android devices. It is also identified as an audio mod that enhances the audio output of devices. This application offers android users the ability to customize their devices’ system sounds easily without any restriction. It is designed with AnalogX features that allows users modify their devices to produce warmer and richer sounds by simulating the sound signature of pure class A amplifier. Viper4Android has spectrum extension features that encodes the higher sound spectrum of devices, and makes the audio lossless with enhanced frequencies, among several other unique features.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Audio

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Key Features

  • Application features playback control
  • Features ET Compressor
  • Allows spectrum extension
  • Features Viper DDC
  • Application features Quad-Channel Convolver
  • Features AnalogX
  • Application features USB/Dock effect support


Viper4Android is an audio equalizer and audio mod for android devices. This application is designed to allow users to tweak their devices to produce great audio output easily, with its default settings which can be customized to suit the liking of the user. Viper4Android requires a rooted android device to enhance installation and smoothly run, in order to have access to the features that enhance the audio quality of the device. This application is known to run on android devices with different versions whether Android pie, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo or Lollipop.




Viper4Android enables users tweak their devices audio output to deliver richer and warmer sound output, by simulating the device’s sound signature of pure class A amplifier.

Playback Control

Viper4Android enables users have playback gain control on their devices, to enable them make their headphones sound louder or quieter, even when the system volume is set at the maximum. This feature allows user optimize the volume strength of their devices, but should be treated with caution as it can damage headphones if the settings is set to the maximum.

Spectrum Extension

Viper4Android allows users encode their device with higher sound spectrum, to make their music sound lossless with enhanced high frequencies.

Viper DDC

Viper4Android enables users customize the HIFI sound of their headphones to produce a balance audio response. This feature ensures that the highs, mids and lows do not cross each other, as it is optimized to enable headphones produce a little humming noise in the background.

Headphone Surround+

Viper4Android uses enhanced surround audio technology on users’ android devices to give a surround effect to their headphones. This feature makes it possible for users to achieve awesome sounds from great surround technologies with its VHS+ feature.


Viper4Android enables users have access to use an Input Response Sample (IRS) through convolution algorithms. This feature is a sound processor that processes the audio playback in real time and delivers great audio output. 

Differential Surround

Viper4Android allows users customize their sound output with Haas effect, which allows them set the delays of sound of one ear from 1-35ms, which gives the ear the paranoiac perception of depth. 

Viper Fidelity Control

Viper4Android gives users access to fidelity control features, these include control over Viper Clarity and Viper Bass. The Viper Bass gives users access to different bass modes to enhance the audio output with greater bass experience, while the Viper Clarity gives users access to select from its wide range of options, the best clarity experience as it balances the heavy bass. This feature gives users access to adjust bass using different frequencies and modes, to make the sound much clearer.

What’s new on the latest version

The latest Viper4Android version is and it enjoys the following new features:

  • It supports Magisk 19.1+
  • Fixed preset loading bugs and improved performance
  • Fixed multi-driver install loops
  • Add session attaching ability
  • Add compatibility modes
  • Add switch from setools to magiskpolicy

How to download and install (for Android)

In order to successfully download, install and run Viper4Android on your Android device, it is required that the device is rooted. To download Viper4Android:

  • Download Viper4Android APK file from its official website or trusted websites
  • Transfer the file to your phone’s storage if it’s saved on memory card
  • Go to the device’s application drawer and launch a file manager application
  • Navigate the storage and click on the Viper4Android APK file
  • Click on the ‘install’ button to begin installation on your device
  • Once the application is installed be sure to click ‘done’
  • Return to the application drawer on your device 
  • Locate and launch the Viper4Android application
  • Once launched, application will request permission, be sure to ‘grant super-user permissions’
  • Simply click on the Grant button
  • The root permission is granted with popups of drivers that need to be installed
  • Click on ‘Ok’ to accept and install necessary drivers
  • Once the drivers are installed, device will reboot automatically
  • After reboot, go to device audio setting to enable Viper4Android
  • Click on the Viper4Android icon to launch

Or download Viper4Android via Magisk Manager

  • Download and install Magisk Manager via its official website or trusted sites
  • Be sure to download the version compatible with your device
  • Launch the Magisk Manager from the app drawer
  • Navigate to the ‘menu’ of the application
  • Click to open the download section
  • Type the type of Viper4Android you want into the search bar 
  • Be sure to choose the Viper4Android FX version
  • Click on the download icon to install directly
  • Flashing will begin automatically once download is complete
  • Be sure to set up Viper4Android while flashing
  • Select the version you want by navigating with the volume keys
  • Select the driver to be installed
  • After installation, device reboots.
  • Click on the Viper4Android icon to launch

How to use 

Viper4Android is an audio equalizer designed for android devices, to enhance the audio output effects. To use the Viper4Android simply download and launch the application. On the bottom of the application’s interface, you will see four tabs, indicating four different audio modes, i.e. Headset. Bluetooth. Speaker and USB. This application is designed with an easy to use interface that allows users navigate and enable audio processing to customize and set up different settings for individual modes. Be sure to have an android device that runs on android versions such as Lollipop, Pie, Nougat, Oreo or Marshmallow to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

F asked Qustion

What is Viper4Android? 

Viper4Android is a groundbreaking audio equalizer for Android, that enables users customize their audio output with its vast unique features for free, and with no restrictions. It enables users change the sound functions of their android devices, as well as customize their devices with four distinct audio modes, which include Headset, USB, Speaker and Bluetooth.

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is recognized as an application that offers users “systemless root methods”. It is designed to modify the system of devices without actually modifying it. This application gives users root permission for their devices and other modification to download and install popular applications that require root access. 

Is Viper4Android safe to use?

Yes. Viper4Android enhances the audio production quality of android devices to give users the best audio experience. It requires that the android device has root access to successfully install and run.

Is Viper4Android legal?

Yes. Viper4Android requires root access to run on android devices, as it enables users have access to unique features that aim to provide the best audio experience. It has unique features such as the Viper DDC that enables users customize the HIFI sound of their headphone, with a neutral audio response whereby highs, mids and lows are not emphasized.

Can Viper4Android run on my device without rooting? 

Viper4Android requires android devices to be rooted in order to successfully install and run. Be sure to root your device to experience the amazing features of this application as it aims to provide every user with the best audio experience.

Do I need to pay or sign up to use? 

Viper4Android does not require users to sign up nor pay to use. Simply download this application on your rooted android device, launch and enjoy the best audio experience.

Why does Viper4Android keep asking for updates? 

Viper4Android is regularly updated to provide users with the best audio experience, as the application is being constantly improved with new features and bug fixes to give user the best experience.

Why is Viper4Android not working for my device?

Viper4Android is designed for different android version, be sure that your device is rooted with enough RAM space. Viper4Android is available for android versions such as pie, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo and Lollipop be sure to download the application version that is compatible for your device.


Razer Surround 

Razer Surround is an audio software that enables users have access to unique features such as best class of 7.1 virtual surround sound, and customized settings in the cloud.

This application creates an amazing surround sound environment that allows users to calibrate positional sound to match their personal preferences. Razer Surround is compatible with any headphone, earphone and even headset, as it allows users to customize their own personalized audio calibration.

The application uses tools such as audio interference, amplitude, and other complex factors to create the best sound surrounding. Razer Surround features custom and eleven pre-set equalizer settings, that can be calibrated to users’ individual preferences.

It features bass boost, sound normalization, voice clarity, and voice level to produce the best audio experience.


PulseEffects is system-wide equalizer that has unique features such as compressor, reverberation, limiter, auto volume, limiter, stereo enhancer and many other unique features. This application is recognized as a Gtk+ application, that has features that enhances the audio output of both applications on devices, as well as the microphone output.

PulseEffects is an open source application with 30 band parametric equalizer, stereo panorama, stereo spread, crossfeed, spectrum analyzer and other amazing features that produce the most amazing audio output.


HeSuVi is an audio equalizer that imitates the 7.1 binaural sound effect of several surround virtualizations, as it makes use of Equalizer APO’s convolution filter to produce the best audio experience for users. This application is known as a headphone surround virtualization application for Equalizer APO.

It features different headphone surround impulse responses, as well as graphic equalizer and equalizer, presets for over one thousand popular headphones. HeSuVi allows users to use one sound card across multiple devices, with extensive control of the volume and fully configurable crossfeed.

This application allows users to apply and save the processing of their audio files on their devices, with easy to save and load profiles. It also features intelligent stereo upmix, with a portable installation with easy one-click updater and options that allow users to rearrange the virtual speakers’ positions to produce the best audio output.

ARISE Sound Mod

Arise Sound Mod is an audio equalizer that puts together sound enhancement features like the Viper4Androind. It also puts together sound enhancement like the Asus Zenfone 3 libraries with its unique DTS effects, like the Huawei MediaPad M2 Harman and Kardon sound effects, and Huawei P9 sound libraries.

This application puts together features that enable sound enhancements with models from devices such as the Lenovo K3 Note MaxxAudio, LeTv Max 2 Dolby Atmos and many other devices. This application is compatible with devices with an android operating system from Jelly Bean to 7.0 Nougat.

Arise requires no configuration, as it installs all the sound effects in your device, as it also brings sound libraries from various famous android music players.


If you are someone that enjoys having the best quality audio experience on your device, without having to subscribe or pay for audio equalizers, then the Viper4Android is just for you. This application is designed just for you as it enables users to customize their devices’ sound without restrictions, as it enhances the audio output of Android devices.

In order to enjoy this awesome application on your android device, be sure to have your device rooted. Viper4Android enables users to customize their device with four distinct audio modes which include Headset, USB, Speaker, Bluetooth with no restrictions.

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