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VPN Proxy Master For PC

Name: VPN Proxy Master

Description: VPN Proxy Master is an application with a highly functional virtual private network, that allows users bypass firewall settings, mask their IP address and regulate the quantity of information they disclose when they are connected and browse through the internet. This application enables users from any country choose from the wide range of foreign internet servers, connect with and encrypt their data, search history and simultaneously not leave any digital footprint behind.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Tools App

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Key Features:

  • The application’s privacy features allow users mask their IP address.
  • The application has top military grade encryption.
  • It has incredible user friendly features with simple click controls.
  • The application has high speed fast connections to variety of secured servers.
  • The application successfully manages to sidestep internet trolling, allowing users to stream at high connection speed.
  • It connects users to unlimited bandwidth and access to the web with no root access needed.


  • It is user friendly, very simple and efficient to setup and run.
  • It has double standard and military grade encryption.
  • It increases the browsing speed of users even while streaming.
  • It protects users’ information from data breech.
  • It connects with over two thousand protected servers around the world.
  • It unblocks sites with Wi-Fi security and privacy protection.


  • It has a numerous amount of ads.
  • Its anonymity feature gives room for criminality.

VPN Proxy Master is designed for Android provides you do everything you want online without wasting your data plan.

Main Features Of VPN Proxy Master:

Friendly User Interface

It is easy to setup, run and use. The application features a one-click secured VPN setup that allows users access the internet without the need for a root access. It allows users setup the service with just a click of ‘connect’.

Top Notch User Privacy Protection

The application provides users with several levels of highly private security encryption, that allows users to confidently surf through the internet with their information fully encrypted with military grade encryption. The application provides users with the confidence of knowing that their browsing history is protected from other parties.

Connection with Protected Servers

The application allows users to connect with protected networks from any location, with a connection history from over nineteen countries and over two thousand server connections at high browsing and streaming speed, the application unblocks sites with Wi-Fi privacy and security protection.

Fast Connection Features

The application gives users the access to connect with protected servers, from any location in the world, which drastically increases their browsing and streaming speed.

How To Install Vpn Proxy Master On Your PC:

VPN Proxy Master is an amazing application with virtual private network developed for devices that run on Android Operating System, but can be installed on any PC. This application can easily be installed on any PC by directly downloading the PC version from their website. Alternatively, there are several android emulators that can be installed on your PC, it is important to install ones that are compatible for your device and has high functionality, the famous ones being BlueStack, Dolphin, NoxPlayer, Leapdroid, and vMac.

How to install the VPN Proxy Master application on your PC:

Download the PC version from their website and proceed to install and follow the steps.

With Chrome Extension:

The Chrome extension is an in-app software developed by the Google Chrome browser. It allows the Chrome browser download application and run the application using the browser as a plug-in. In order to use the Chrome extension to run VPN Proxy Master, you need to search for “Chrome Extension for VPN Proxy Master” click on the first link from the search results and press on the download link on the opened page. A page will appear on your screen, ensure to click on “Add to Chrome” to install on your computer. This web application will automatically assist its user with the functionalities of VPN Master application.

How to install the VPN Proxy Master application on your PC with Android Emulators

  • Download and install any android emulator of your choice on your PC e.g. NoxPlayer.
  • Click to run the application, access the play store from your android emulator and search.
  • Download the VPN Proxy Master application, install, and click Run to open.


  1. Download the VPN Proxy Master application installer file on your PC first.
  2. Download and install any android emulator of your choice.
  3. Run the android emulator, drag and drop the application’s installer file on the emulator’s home screen.
  4. After installation, click Run to launch the app.


VPN Proxy Master is an amazing application that allows users break the barriers of sites with Wi-Fi security and privacy protection, with its highly encrypted features that are of military grade. The application allows users surf through the internet without fear of their privacy leaked, and their internet surfing footprint completely erased. The application enhances users with fast speed connection that bypass several firewall setting and connections with secured servers from all over the world, in the broad range of the websites on the internet.

I strongly recommend this application for you if you are sensitive about your privacy while browsing. The application is equipped with constant upgrades that improves its features and reduces the risk of hacks, it also gives room for easy feedback and review. I recommend you use this application and enjoy its expansive features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can VPN Proxy Master run on my Pc?

Yes. VPN Proxy Master can run on any PC whether Mac or Windows, through the Android Emulator that is compatible for your device.

Do I have to sign up to use VPN Proxy Master?

No. You do not need to sign up to enjoy the amazing features of VPN Proxy Master, simply download and install the application, launch it with its simple to use features to begin enjoying fast linked private browsing experience.

The application does not launch on my PC?

Restart the application, if problem persists, restart your PC; ensure you run the application with the Android emulators that is compatible with your PC, and reinstall VPN Proxy Master.

Can I use VPN Proxy Master in China?

Yes. We are always working to improve our performance, fix bugs and keep adding unique cool features to improve our reach to more countries in the world.

Best alternatives for VPN Proxy Master:

VPN Proxy Master is a unique application that offers users free privacy features, and several unique features that allows them bypass firewalls and connect with secure servers from any country around the world, among its several other unique features. The application like several virtual private network applications constantly competes with upgraded features, some of such applications includes Nord VPN, and Betternet VPN. These competitors’ functionalities are briefly explained below:

Nord VPN is a virtual private network application that provides users with security while using the internet, allowing them to access the web without trace. It also allows users hide their IP address, and secure their data from hacks. It allows users to connect with more than five thousand servers in over sixty countries, among several unique features.

Betternet VPN is a virtual private network application that allows users access blocked websites, surf the internet with anonymously, change their IP address and locations, with a friendly user interface. The application also allows users connect to the nearest and fastest servers that provides stable connection, among several other features.


VPN Proxy Master is an awesome mobile application that can be installed on PCs, with its unique features and user friendly interface that protects the privacy of users among several other unique features.

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