VPN Raspberry pi Kodi

VPN Raspberry pi Kodi Full Guide for (Raspberry PC)

VPN Raspberry pi Kodi

Kodi app

Name: VPN Raspberry

Description: VPN Raspberry pi Kodi is the free open-source software for the media player that runs on Raspberry pi. VPN is the streaming from websites that are not legal. Few people want the UK and USA channels. This is possible only by using a VPN, which puts the users in that country by assigning the IP of that country. Sometimes using Kodi, users may encounter the problem that they can not access some channels. To overcome this problem, we will use a VPN and access the blocked content without any problem. This will enable you to enjoy unlimited streaming without any problem.

Operating System: Raspberry

Application Category: VPN

  • Setup
  • Interface
  • Features
  • Performance


“Team Kodi does not support, or recommend VPNs, and Kodi does not need one for its designed operation. The forums have not to be used for the discussion or promotion of VPNs for the purposes of bypassing geo-locking or accessing unlawful material.


  • Encrypt and anonymize your online activity.
  • Stay safe online.
  • Keep your nosy ISP off of your data.
  • Stream anonymously.


  • Streaming the Premier League with Kodi is illegal.
  • The crackdown on unofficial Kodi add-ons and what it means for you.

To Get Kodi on Raspberry pi you have to follow some steps below

For Install Kodi on Raspberry pi you need the NOOB (New Out Of Box). NOOB is the operating system, which enables installation on Raspberry pi. To get the NOOB to go to the link https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ or you can see complete the setup of Raspberry. And follow the instruction to get the Kodi.

  • First, install the NOOB on the SD card.
  • NOOB will remove all the data from the SD card.
  • Open the NOOB to download the Kodi distribution.
  • Search for OSMC or LibreELEC.
  • Select one OSMC or LibreELEC.
  • Click on install.
  • After this, the wizard will open and ask for confirmation.
  • After this confirmation, all the data will delete from the SD card.
  • The prompt shows the message that is OS installed successfully.
  • Click on OK.
  • Raspberry pi will reboot that you selected.

Article about Netflix for Raspberry Check it.

How to Install a VPN?

To install the VPN there are no hard and fast rules. You just need to follow the following steps to get a VPN.

  1. Open the Kodi.
  2. Open the setting folder.
  3. Click on Network and write down the IP address.
  4. Now Open the Putty (Free console).
  5. Log in to the IP address that you have written before.
  6. Now write the username and password (In OSMC username: osmc and password osmc, While in LibreELEC username: libreelec and password: libreelec.)

Install the Zomboided file:

  1. Now install and download the Zomboided file.
  2. After downloading the Zomboided file, Now open Raspberry pi and go to setting.
  3. Go to Adds-on in libreELEC and in setting in OSMC.
  4. Now go to Programs add-on in libreELEC and the adds-on browser.
  5. Now go to the install from zip file.
  6. Now go to the home folder.
  7. Now select the zip file downloaded earlier.
  8. Go to the Zomboided repository.
  9. Choose services.
  10. Now select the VPNmanager for OpenVPN.
  11. Install the VPN.

How to Configure VPN:

  1. After installation, now start the wizard.
  2. After this, a wizard will open to allow the users to select the VPN provider.
  3. After this, set your internet password.
  4. Click on done.
  5. OSMC will show an error.
  6. To remove that error, go to the putty.
  7. Write the command Sudo apt-get install OpenVPN.
  8. Now come back to the screen and open a VPN. Select your country.

Checking the VPN status:

To check the VPN status by doing the simple steps.

  1. Go to the ads on the setting.
  2. Click on Display VPN status.
  3. This will show you that to which country you are in.

Properties of VPN Raspberry pi Kodi:


This enables users to enjoy unlimited videos of their taste. One can copy the video files to the Raspberry pi’s SD card or put them on USB and use them. To open these files, Go to the Videos on the main screen, then go to the files, where you can see your video files.

2. Add-on:

Add-on is used to get a connection with web services like YouTube. You can change the setting of ads-on, go to the setting. You can install the add-on of your choice to enjoy the streaming.

3. Setting:

Raspberry Pi has setting options as well. You can change the setting of your screen, choose a different skin, set the screensaver and much more.


VPN Raspberry Pi is worth downloading. If you are a video and news lover than you have to download it and take advantage of this. This allows users to watch unlimited videos without any blockage or problem.

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