VPN Robot For Mac

VPN Robot For Mac & PC Download | Free Unlimited VPN Proxy

VPN Robot For Mac

VPN Robot For Mac

Name: VPN Robot

Description: VPN Robot is one private network you would use for unblocking sites while at the same time protecting your online privacy. Fast speed is guaranteed as this VPN uses and supports multiple servers. It provides multiple locations that you can assume their IP address. It provides the best web anonymity you would need. Any internet censorship, territorial restrictions and barriers would be overcome by using VPN Robot.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features:

  • The high speed.
  • The ability to support more than one server.
  • The unlimited VPN proxies.
  • The ease of access and use.
  • The guaranteed online safety and information security.


  • It is fast with unlimited speed.
  • It is secure.
  • There are no longer user logs required.
  • Its strong encryption capability.
  • Numerous anonymous locations.


  • Sometimes it can be slow.
  • Connections may not be available at all times
  • It can sometimes be difficult to configure especially in a router.
  • It can leak data since its free.

Having learnt about some of the basic attributes of VPN Robot, it is now good to dive deeper and look into its main features for a better understanding. Below are some of the main features of VPN Robot.

Main Features of VPN Robot App:

High Speed

If you are looking for faster connection private network, then VPN Robot would be your best choice. It utilizes a wider bandwidth thus ensuring a high surfing speed. It does not experience lags like most of the virtual networks you will find in the web.

Multiple Server Support

VPN Robot supports numerous servers from different locations all over the world. The ability to support multiple servers gives it strength to access numerous IP addresses. With this you can unblock any restricted sites.

Easy Configuration

It is easy to use VPN Robot and can be configured on any device. It can be used with ease on different Operating systems like Android, PC and Mac. This makes it flexible to use from anywhere you are.


When using this VPN, you are assured of a stable connection. This gives you a guarantee of a continuous anonymous browsing while at the same time hiding your IP. This network is not likely to face hitches that many other networks would do.

Cloud Proxy Server

This is the feature that makes VPN Robot free. With this, you can access the best VPN service you would like. It caters for the expense of buying a premium one in case you don’t have a budget for the same.


VPN Robot is the best virtual private network you would ever use. The only caution to users can be, one has to be careful not to get their personal information leaked, considering it is a free one and might have some leakages that may go unnoticed easily since there are no advanced tools used. However, if high but paid security tools can be utilized, it would be the best VPN ever.

How to Install and Use VPN Robot on PC and Mac:

You may want to try this network on a personal computer or Mac device. Though primarily developed for android platforms like mobile, below are the steps you will need to follow to install this virtual private network on your device whether PC or Mac successfully.

  1. You will need to begin by installing an emulator like Blue stacks on your device.
  2. Select the “My Apps” button and click on the “System App” button.
  3. Type and search for “VPN Robot” on the Google Play Store.
  4. Click on the app’s icon to install.

How to use VPN Robot App:

  • Click on the VPN app to open it.
  • Make settings on the location you want to hibernate from and choose its IP address.
  • Complete the process and visit or browse any website as you navigate through it.

Alternatives for VPN Robot APK:

There are other VPN applications that work and are used on a similar way like VPN Robot and may be considered as another alternative. Outlined below are alternative virtual private networks for VPN Robot.

VPN 360

VPN 360 is a free Virtual Private Network app that offers high browsing speed. The application was developed by Infinity Software. It will help you gain access to any site without any restrictions.

These are the steps to download VPN 360 for android:

  1. On the Google Play Store, search for “VPN 360.”
  2. Click on its icon.
  3. Click on the install button.

VPN Master

This is a very reliable virtual private network that works on proxy servers like HTTP.

Below are the steps to follow if you want to download it:

  • Visit the Google Play Store and sync it with your Gmail account.
  • Search for “VPN master” and click on its icon.
  • Click on it to install.


Sky VPN is a free VPN that you will use to websites as well as apps. It provides the most unlimited connection and can work in various devices and platforms like Android, Mac and PC.

Below are elaborate steps on how to download Sky VPN:

  1. On the App store, search for “Sky vpn.”
  2. Click on its icon to download.
  3. Sign up for Sky VPN account and log in to start using.

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is also a free app that provides free VPN service that requires no configuration. It helps in encryption of your connection and browsing activities and thus it is secure. It is the best choice to even stream the BBC iPlayer.

Below are the provided easy steps to download Thunder VPN for Mac:

  • You need to have Safari browser and on its search bar, look for a Blue stacks 2 emulator.
  • Select to download its file and click on it to install.
  • Open the Blue stacks application and search for “thunder VPN”
  • Here, you may find applications with the same name as this one but be careful to choose the right one.
  • Click on it to install and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How is VPN Robot secure?

VPN Robot utilizes high encryption tools that guarantee security when browsing on any site. Your information is protected against third party sites.

2. Is VPN Robot really free?

Absolutely. VPN Robot makes use of a cloud proxy server that makes this service free and therefore you do not have to pay for any subscription.

3. Can VPN Robot interfere with my internet connection?

No. There is no interference whatsoever of your internet connection when using VPN Robot. It just connects you easily to virtual network with a different IP.

4. How does it work?

Once you connect to the internet, VPN Robot kicks in the middle of a server you have chosen in another place of the world.

Final Verdict / Conclusion

VPN Robot for Mac has proven to be one of the best virtual private networks around. It assumes protection of your online traffic, data and personal information through high encryption tools, that it utilizes. Using it, you have no worry by passing firewalls and accessing or browsing blocked sites.

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