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Vudu For PC

Vudu For PC

Name: Vudu

Description: VUDU allows you to watch the latest movies before they are eventually made into Blu-rays or DVDs. Just like other apps that offer this service, VUDU allows you as a user to rent or buy from a library of over a hundred thousand movies and TV shows.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features:

  • Allows you to watch the latest movies ranging from blockbusters to hits
  • Allows you binge-watch complete TV series episodes
  • There are no subscription fees unless you want to rent or buy
  • You can stream directly to your windows 10
  • Access your movies and TV series from anywhere within the US


  • You only pay for what you watch
  • You can use across different devices
  • Easy and very simple to use
  • The first rental is 99 cents only
  • You can have a free movie collection


  • You cannot use it outside us
  • Could be expensive is you watch lots of movies and pay per one

Rent, buy, and watch movies and TV shows with Vudu. Watch online or on your favorite connected device with the Vudu app.

Main Features of Vudu App:

Thousands of movies to choose from

One of the best features of VUDU is the fact that it has over 18000 movies and 5000 tv shows. This includes blockbusters and hits that you could have access to barely downloading the VUDU app. You would have access to most of these blockbusters even before they are made into DVDs or Blue-rays, you can virtually rent or buy them.

Pay for only what you watch

Unlike Netflix where you subscribe per month and enjoy unlimited movies, TV series and Netflix originals, on VUDU you would have to buy or rent these movies one at a time. This feature is mostly favorable to users that do not regularly watch a lot of movies.

When you rent movies, you won’t have to pay for any overdue fees at all because it all works automatically. Rental prices on VUDU ranges from 99 cents to $5.99 and if you want to buy, the purchase process ranges from $4.99 to $24.99 depending on the content you are trying to access.

Multidimensional sound

VUDU works with Dolby Atoms and this transports you into the story with moving audio flows all around you to give you amazing user experience. The sound moves around you in three-dimensional spaces and it makes you feel like you are involved in all the action in the movie you are watching.

It projects a breathtaking sound quality and renders everything from dialogue to whirlwind action to quiet scenes with richness, detail and depth.

Dolby Vision HDR

Just as VUDU works with Dolby Atoms, it also works with Dolby Vision HDR and allows you to experience your movies like never before. It allows you to watch your movies with VUDU 4K UHD i.e. it provides life-like details like unparalleled color depth, richness and even immerses the audio to give you your own mini-theater feel.

Your movie or TV show would show four times as many pixels as HDX for a picture so sharp that it would ultimately amaze you. It would also deliver a rich and more vibrant color

Family features

This is a minor feature on VUDU. This allows you to set parental controls, set passwords, set to kids’ mode or set to family play. This helps to keep track while using VUDU as a family.

How to download and install Vudu App:

Before now, you would have to install VUDU with an android emulator but VUDU launched their PC version recently and it is available on the windows store.

To download and install VUDU on your pc is absolutely simple, you simply have to visit the Windows Store and search for VUDU. Simply download and grant permissions when necessary and install to get started.

Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee!
Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee!
Developer: VUDU
Price: To be announced
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot
  • Vudu - Rent, Buy or Watch Movies with No Fee! Screenshot

How to Use

To get started with VUDU:

  1. Set up an account by entering your email, setting a password, inputting your credit card details for payments and renewals.
  2. You should know that when you are renting a movie, you can watch them later even if you have watched them before. You would be given the movies for 30 days if you have not watched it but if you have, you would have given

Choosing the most suitable video quality:

  • You will be allowed to choose from three different levels of video quality depending on how good your internet is. You can choose from SD (standard definition), HD (high definition), HDX for 1080p resolution.
  • Higher video quality would require that you have a faster internet connection. Check your connection speed before you choose any video quality kevel so your movie would not stall when buffering.


  1. Choose the most suitable quality for your video depending on your internet connection so that you would not get tired of waiting while your video is buffering.
  2. If you want a permanent movie, you should order a physical disc. If you order a physical disc, you have a wait for a while for it to be shipped to you via

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I download VUDU movies to my computer?

Yes, it is possible to download movies to your computer on VUDU but you can only access them through the VUDU app and you can not save it on an external location.

Can I save videos for offline viewing?

Yes, if you rent a movie, you can download it and be given 30 days before your expiry date. If you have started watching the movie, you would only be gien 24 hours before expiry.

What if I have a complaint about VUDU?

VUDU has an inbuilt chat support system.

Are there free movies on VUDU?

There is a collection of free movies and tv series available for free on VUDU for you to explore.

Alternatives for Vudu App:


Netflix like VUDU has a collection of movies, TV series and original. It has a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 depending on which plan you are subscribed to.


Hulu is a streaming video-on-demand service that allows you to stream past and current episodes of network TV shows, top-rated original programs and plenty of movies.

HBO now

HBO now is also a video-on-demand service that allows subscribers to access a library of original programs, films and other content across all devices.


This is a social media app that allows you to capture and share your videos directly across all social media platforms fright from your device.


This is just a video hosting and sharing platform that allows you to have access to millions of content. Here, you can watch live videos as well.


In conclusion, VUDU will suit you if you are not a so frequent TV or movie watcher. It could get expensive if you are a regular watcher. Because you have to pay as you watch you might end up spending more than you have budgeted for. VUDU is just a go-to, check-in app once in a while.

Unless you are a rich kid who does not mind spending a lot for your entertainment, this, however, does not mean that VUDU is not an app for you to explore.

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