Web video caste

Web video caster for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Web video caster for PC

Web video caster

Name: Web video caster

Description: You may have been looking for a means to transfer what you have on your android or IOS device to a bigger screen like that of the television but you don’t know how you can go about it. Web video caster is an application that will enable you to achieve this. Web video caster can be successfully used to transfer contents stored locally, those downloaded from the web or an IPTV from your smartphone device to the TV.

Operating System: IOS, Android

Application Category: Video Players.

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Key Features

  • Opportunity to watch videos on a bigger screen.
  • It is used to transfer content stored locally or downloaded on the web.
  • Contact option to prevent bug issues
  • It has compatible devices like Android, Chromecast etc.


  •     It has a nice setup.
  •     It transfers content easily
  •     Access to bigger cameras.
  •     Lighting and contrast can be adjusted easily.


  • No screen Share Option.
  • Need some devices to connect with TV.

How To Use Web Video Caster For PC

Web video custe

Downloading and installing this app is not a problem, but knowing how to use it is a necessity. In this case a smart TV or a flat TV that uses HDMI will be needed. Also, you will need a third party device called Chromecast.

Chromecast is a device that is used to purchase, and it should be connected to your TV through the HDMI port. After connecting it to your TV here are things to do next.

Step 1:

Through the Android emulator launch the web video caster on your personal computer.

Step 2:

After running the app, search for your favorite online videos that you are interested in watching but you have to be certain that the said video can be watched without flash.

Step 3:

After the above, In the scanned device, click on Chromecast to select the specific device to cast.

Step 4:

You can now enjoy watching the video on your TV by selecting Chromecast.

Anyway, the above are the previous ways to use the web video cast on your personal computer. However, this app can only be used on smart phone devices but with the help of Android emulator it can be used on PC.

So, enjoying different TV shows is not only an Android stuff again because you can convert your system into a virtual smart phone device by installing we video cast APK.

How To Download And Install Web Video Caster For PC

There is no specialized version of this app for personal computers. The only means of downloading this application is by downloading the Android version and launching it on your system. All you will need is an Android emulator.

This is so because the app is specially designed for Android users and not PC users. So, to have this app on your system you need an android emulator. There are different types of Android emulators, but for the purpose of this application I recommend ‘Bluestacks’

Now here is how to download web video caster on your system with Bluestacks emulator:

A quick recap

  1. Download and install Bluestacks emulator
  2. Launch the Bluestacks emulator after installation.
  3. Download the APK files of web video caster before going further.
  4. Sign in your Google account on Bluestacks emulator.
  5. Using the search box displayed on the screen: search for web video caster.
  6. On the search result click on the Web video caster displayed icon.
  7. Download and install.
  8. The download process will be complete in just about a minute or two if you have a good internet connection.
  9. After a successful installation, launch the application.

If you can follow this simple procedure you won’t have to waste data on watching any youtube video on how to install this application.

NOTE: In case you are using any other type of emulator: follow the above procedures.

New Features On The Latest Version Of Web Video Caster

The newer version of this app comes with some more unique features. The developers of this application have added contact option to help prevent the bug issues on the previous versions of this app.

You can also reach out to the developers of this application on your experience using the app and provide improvements solutions that will help improve the features and its working efficiency.

You can also handle and control the playlist efficiently due to some changes to the playlist option.

You can now change from the previous mode to black mode to save the eye of some eye problems. 


F asked Qustion

Q: How Does Web Video Caster-work? 

A: To start with, with app’s built In browser visit the web video caster site.

Click on the play button on the video of your choice. There is also a guide to achieve that.

Q: How can I install The App.?

A: How to install the App has been shown to you above.

Alternatives To Web Video Cast:


Air screen is a very wonderful application that supports a wide range of transmission protocol receiver for IOS, Andoird devices. It has a very good understandable user interface and very fast.

This application allows Android and IOS users to use local area networks to have access to the streaming of different media online. It also gives room for Sharing and streaming any kind of media files on a larger screen.

How To Install AirScreen on PC.

  1. Download and install an Android emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator after installation.
  3. Download the APK files.
  4. Remember to sign in your google account.
  5. Search for Air screen app on the emulator.
  6. Click on the displayed  Air screen app icon.
  7. Download, install and enjoy.

2. T-Cast App:

This is a well designed and easy to use application that is use in converting smartphone like Android, IOS into a remote control on a bigger screen. This application is used with a smart tv or a flat TV. It allows you to control your TV using your mobile device.

How To Install T-Cast App  on PC.

  1. Download and install an Android emulator.
  2. Launch the emulator after installation.
  3. Download the APK files.
  4. Remember to sign in your google account.
  5. Search for T-cast app on the emulator.
  6. Click on the displayed T-Cast app icon.
  7. Download, install and enjoy.

Cast away App.

This is a free Application with a very easy to use interface that enables users to stream facebook videos and google photos from your smartphone device to chrome cast. It supports advertisements and very easy to understand.

How To Install Cast- away App on PC.

  • Download and install an Android emulator.
  • Launch the emulator after installation.
  • Download the APK files.
  • Remember to sign in your Google account.
  • Search for the Cast-away app on the emulator.
  • Click on the displayed Cast-away icon.
  • Download, install and enjoy.

Final word

You can use the Android emulator recommended above to download and install web video caster on your computer system.

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