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Name: WifiKill

Description: WiFiKill is a Wi-Fi network controller application, that allows users to manage their Wi-Fi network. It is designed to enable users to know the devices that are connected to a Wi-Fi network, as well as know what they are downloading, and have control to disable the connection of other devices connected to the same network. This application allows users to allocate bandwidth to themselves, as they simply control how much access other users have to the Wi-Fi network from the simple controls of their smartphones.

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Key Features

  • Access to connected devices information.
  • Allows users monitor network activity of any device via Wi-Fi.
  • Application shows list of connected device on a Wi-Fi network.
  • Allows users monitor data transfer rate of other devices.
  • Application cuts off network access of other devices connected to the same network.

If you are looking for a suitable application that would enable you disable the internet connection of other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, allocate bandwidth to yourself, and have the information of other devices connected to the same network, then WifiKill is most suitable for you.

It has features that enables users mask as a router, as other devices try to connect to the internet through them, which gives them access to drop their connections easily. It is one of the best Wi-Fi controller application and it is free, and easy to download on android devices.

Features of WifiKill

Connected devices information


WifiKill enables you have access to a control panel containing the information of all devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you, information such as their IP address, manufacturer and device name.

It allows you to know the exact type of device that is connected, and the files that these devices are downloading, even while in incognito mode. This application gives you access to these features with easy controls from your smartphone, with its easy to navigate interface.

Monitor network activities

WifiKill allows users have access to network usage and websites being accessed by devices connected to the same Wi-Fi internet network. The application allows you scan for devices that are connected to the network, after scan is complete if you enable the “Show Network Names” feature, you’ll get a display of all the devices names connected to the network.

WifiKill allows you know the files being downloaded by devices connected to the network as well as the websites being visited even when these devices are in incognito mode, and also the transfer rate which includes the upload and download speed of each device connected to the network.

Once you have a list of devices connected devices, you can simply click on any of the device on the list and slide the grab button to see the network usage and websites the device is accessing. The application also allows you browse on the URLs showing on other devices by simply long pressing the URLs.

Control other devices’ network access

WifiKill allows you have access to the information of all the devices connected to the network, it also enables you control other devices’ network access with simple controls from your device. Once you have a list of devices connected to the network, be sure to click on any of the devices, then slide the grab button to see the websites and network usage of the device.

After the device has been grabbed, to disable its internet access, simply slide the kill button and be sure that the device will lose the internet connectivity. The application allows you kill one device at a time, as well as kill all the devices connected to the network by grabbing them all once and killing them. You can be sure to switch off on the kill button, to allow the devices regain access to their internet connectivity.

What’s new on the latest versions?

The latest version of WifiKill is 2.3.2 and it is upgraded with the following features:

  • The grab and kill feature has been improved.
  • The killing problem due to IP tables rules has been fixed.
  • There are UDP Protocol Blocking features added.
  • The grab all button has been added including the “status device count”.

How to download and install Wifi Killing app for android?

You would not be able to download the WifiKill application without having a rooted device, as the application requires root access. In order to download:

  • Download the WifiKill Pro application file from any trusted website.
  • Install the application, after allowing third party installation in your privacy setting.
  • Go to your device settings, click on the security tab and mark the ‘unknown resources’.
  • Open the WifiKill application and click on the play button to begin use.

How to use Wifikill?

After downloading the WifiKill application, it is important to know the features of the application and which tool runs what function:

  • Open the WifiKill application and click on the play button to start the scan.
  • See the list of connected devices to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click on any device on the list and click ‘grab’ to see the device network usage and website.
  • Click kill to disable the device’s internet connectivity.
  • Or long press on the device information to visit the device’s URLs.

How to download and install Wifi Kill for Window and Mac Pc?


WiFiKill is an amazing Wi-Fi network controller, that allows users to manage their Wi-Fi network. It is designed to enable users to identify the devices that are connected to their Wi-Fi network, as well as know what they are downloading, their network usage, download rate, and website URLs and also manage their internet connectivity.

The application can easily be installed on any PC via Android emulators. There are several android emulators, some of which include Leapdroid, Style Tap, Dolphin, vMac, and BlueStack being the most famous ones.

To know more complete guidelines about setting up an Android emulator for pc.

  • Download any android emulator of your choice, e.g. BlueStack
  • Download the apk file through your browser
  • Open the emulator, drag and drop the installer file on your emulators homepage
  • Click on the window handling establishment
  • The emulator installs the application
  • After installation click RUN to open

How to download and install Wifi Kill app for IOS?

To download WifiKill app on your iPhone or iPad, it is important to follow the following steps carefully for easy download and installation.

  • To use WifiKill app on your device, be sure to have an Imitator e.g. Cydia.
  • You then add the Repo URL http://extigy.github.io/repo/ to Cydia.
  • Once done, be sure to install NetKillUIbeta on your device.
  • After installation, run the application/
  • The application suggest you swipe down to load all users’ IP address that are connected to the network.
  • Select the device and click the Kill option.
  • IOS 10 or any version can use WifiKill to disable any connected device one at a time or multiple devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install WifiKill on my device without rooting it?

WifiKill requires root access to run, and it works on devices that run on Android 4.0 and above. It will not work on your device unless you root it.

2. Is WifiKill safe to use?

WifiKill enables users manage their Wi-Fi network and also protect their devices from hacks. This application is constantly upgraded to fix bugs and add features that aim to improve user experience.

3. What happens when I change my permissions?

Be sure to have a backup system while attempting this, and be very careful because your device and application would undergo an unstable method. Changing your permission edits, the system files packages on your device, and this will cause undesirable consequences.

4. Can WifiKill stop the connection of PC?

Wifi Kill will kill the connection of any device, once the app scans, grabs and kills the connection. Wif Kill will stop the internet connectivity of any device, whether android, IOS or PC.

5. Can WifiKill run on my PC?

WifiKill can run on Windows and Mac PCs with the use of android emulators. Be sure to install the android emulator that is compatible for your device.

6. Do I need to pay or sign up to use?

WifiKill is a free Wi-Fi network controller application, simply download, click to launch to begin use.

7. Why does WifiKill keep asking for updates?

Wifi Kill is being constantly upgraded to fix bugs, reduce risks of hacks and add unique features to improve users experience.

WifiKill Alternatives

1. NetCut

NetCut is a software that enables users be the admin of their network, as they detect Address Resolution Protocol spoofing and other malicious acts on their Wi-Fi network. This application is designed to enable users list IP-MAC Table in seconds, as well as turn on and off networks on any computer on their Local Area Network including devices like switchers and routers.

It is designed to enable users have access to all IP address of the computers connected to their LAN in a matter of seconds, with its high applicability features that enables it to be used across networks such as school LAN, office LAN and ISP LAN. It provides users with privacy protections that allows them be trace free, and is known to be very stable.

2. ABM Net Protection

This application enables you to protect your internet connection from netcut, switch sniffer and other cutting or sniffing attack programs. This application allows user to protect their private information while connecting to the internet through unprotected networks.

ABM Net Protection allows user have protection over their privacy, and against attacks such as ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) poisoning, it also stops packet sniffers which attempt to intercept the traffic exchange over network. This application connects to the router and gathers information about the system and ensure that it is safe from attacks.

3. Netcut Defender

Netcut Defender is a free tool that offers users security on their networks, including Wi-Fi. It is designed to protect users’ information from Address Resolution Protocol spoofing attacks, with guaranteed increase of internet connection speed, and easy installation and setup.

It is also designed with internet speed testing check, it is safe and runs automatically with no need for configuration.

4. Arpwatch 

Arpwatch is a tool that enables users monitor Address Resolution Protocol on a computer network. It is designed to generate a record of observed pairing of IP addresses with Mac addresses as it analyses it with a timestamp, when the pairing appeared on the network. It also enables users send mails to administrator when a pairing changes or is added back.

5. TuxCut

TuxCut is a tool developed like any other software written in Small PyQt. It is designed to protect computers against Address Resolution Protocol attacks, as it simultaneously hides users’ devices from Address Resolution Protocol scanner utilities. It also provides users with a list of live host on their Local Area Network.

This app allows users control the connection between the live host and the gateway, with features that enables users cut connections, and use wondershaper to control upload and download speed limits.


If you are someone that would like to manage your Wi-Fi network without going through the stress of setting up passwords due to the fears of having your Wi-Fi network password hacked, then WifiKill is just for you.

This application is designed to give you the all-out management function over your Wi-Fi network, as it allows you scan for devices that are connected to the network, determining the devices that are consuming internet bandwidth and slowing down the network.

It allows you to kick off such devices and manage the bandwidth for yourself with just your android device. It shows the names of all connected devices to a network, the device type, bandwidth usage, downloading files and even website links even if they browse in incognito.

The use of this application allows you to monitor the activities of users connected to your network, as it is amazing and runs at no cost, that helps you browse the internet with full bandwidth, as you hack and disable other’s Wi-Fi connection.

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