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Wondershare Mobile Transfer Latest Version Download For PC

Wondershare Mobile Transfer


Name: Wondershare

Description: Wondershare offers Video Software, PDF Tools, PC Utilities for Mac and Win users to convert, edit videos, photos or PDF files, make photo slideshow etc.

Offer price: Free

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Software

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Key Features

  • Digital creativity
  • Office productivity
  • Data management


The software is easy to use as it is made up of familiar icons and information that assist in the transfer, back-up and recovery process. It makes it possible to transfer all types of files therefore not limiting it to any form of the transfer process. Also, the interface is very clean, neat and it helps you walk through all the necessary steps that you would need to take like enabling the USB debugging mode on your android smartphone before completing a transfer.


Both phones have to be connected at once and it also has a limited amount of devices that can be connected at a go. It does not support for you to transfer files from your android phone to pc and vice-versa.

Do you know that mixed feeling that comes with buying a new phone? Yes, you’re happy and bubbly, you just got the latest smartphone but the question that keeps popping up on your mind is how to successfully transfer all your files from your old smartphone to your new one.

Wondershare Mobile transfer is a great way to send all those files very quickly and effectively. Regardless of the thousands of pictures, text messages, videos, documents and other files you may have stored on your older device, Wondershare mobile transfer allows you to send all those memories between your smartphones.

Although using a service like Google drive, mail storage or google photos to manage some of your flies may be effective. However, bringing back other data like call logs or text messages may be challenging. That is why Wondershare mobile transfer has made it easier and effective to transfer text messages, photos, contact, videos and even call logs.

Imagine picking up your new phone and all your files are exactly the way you left it on your old smartphone. Even though apps can be shared with compatible devices, Wondershare mobile transfer automatically blocks any app that is incompatible with new devices. Also, Wondershare mobile transfer is compatible with all types of smartphones and devices as long as you download the right software with your device.

Key Features:

Here are only a few of the Wondershare mobile transfer features:

Phone to Phone data transfer feature

The main feature of the Wondershare mobile transfer app is the phone to phone transfer tool. In other words, it basically works as a means of transfer between two smartphones connected to a pc. The file transfer process is very simple although you would have to download the Wondershare software on your pc first then you connect both of the devices to the pc before you would be allowed to transfer files in just a single click. When using this feature, you would not be charged at any cost neither would there be any data loss during the file transfer process.

How to use the phone to phone data transfer feature:

Install the Wondershare software and app on all the devices involved

You can download and install the Wondershare Mobile transfer software for your pc/mac by ab enulator and download the app from google play. Then, open for the phone transfer feature.

Connect both phones to your computer

Be sure that your smartphones are connected with mobile transfer software. To do this you can click the flip button to switch between the destination and source phones. Note that data would be sent from the source to the destination device.

Select files types and start the transfer process

Click the file types you want to send and click on start. Remember not to disconnect or remove the phone during transfer as this would affect the transfer process. Also, if you want to erase existing data on the destination phone, click the “clear data before copy” option.

The transfer would be completed in a few minutes; you can check the destination device to see if the selected files have been transferred successfully.

Backing up and Restoring your data on your PC

Wondershare mobile transfer enables you to back up and restore your files on your pc in case of future data loss. It also provides you with the option of permanently deleting all those unnecessary data stored on your old phone which solves the problem of storage especially when the phone has little storage capacity.

Something exceptional about the Wondershare software is that it allows you to select the type of content to back up with your own needs, it creates different files to avoid overwriting the data. So, many people use Wondershare as a form of secondary storage of their files where they can easily restore their files in cases of phone loss, data loss or phone reset. As long as you used the backup phone feature on the Mobile transfer software.

How to back up files

Transferring of data is straightforward from your android device to your pc. With just a few clicks and no prior technical knowledge, there is no need for you to ever worry about permanent data loss since backed up files would never be deleted automatically even when you delete such files from your phone. To back up your device you need to;

Connect your device

Firstly, you need to connect your computer and your android phone and open mobile transfer then select the backup feature on the homepage.

Choose the files to back up

Then you select the files you want to back up and start.

Wait for the process to be completed

Wondershare mobile transfer will automatically back up the data on your phone. So, all you need to do is just wait for the process to be completed.

How to restore files:

Choose the backup file

Click the mobile transfer back up file feature, it will detect the backup files you have previously made on the software. Then select the file you would like to restore from if you have previously made several backups.

Connect your phone to your computer

Then, connect your android smartphone to your computer

Select file types and start to restore data

Select the files you want to restore and start, remember to keep your phone connected during the process. Also, if you want to erase current data you have to tick the “Clear data before copy” because it doesn’t automatically check unless it is manually done.

Fast File Transfer and Backup speed

Wondershare mobile transfer offers exceptional speed when it comes to the transfer process. Even while backing up files, it does not take long hours. Depending on the size of the files in question.


How long would my backup take?

This depends on how heavy your data is. The more data you have the longer time it takes.

Can I restore my back up to another phone?

Definitely! Wondershare mobile transfer enables you to restore your data when you select your data from the backup list and restore it. 

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