Word Cookies for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) / MAC, Android, iPhone

Word Cookies for Pc, Mac, Android & iPhone

Word Cookies for pc

Name: Word Cookies

Description: Word Cookies is an online game that supports cross platform, So you will get easily of Word Cookies for pc, mac, Android, iPhone.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Windows, Mac. Android, iPhone

Application Category: Game

  • Interface
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Durability


  • The sweet graphics with easy controls and simple premise.
  • The game is highly entertaining and educational for everyone.
  • The ability to shuffle and change the letters which sparks your memory.
  • It consists of multiple hints to get clues for a word.
  • The bonus rewards that one earns when playing.
  • The game is timeless. It does not set time limits to play.


  • Increases one’s vocabulary and improve their vocabulary.
  • Improvement in concentration and mental acuity.
  • Improves reasoning capability.
  • Cool graphics.
  • The game requires no internet to play.



  • Obsession and addiction.
  • Time consuming.
  • A bit limited in its scope.
  • Only for true word puzzle lovers.


Word Cookies is a game that consists of crosses and boxes like a puzzle by filling out letters form words. You need to pick letters to play the game from the boxes and arrange them. All of them are sensible words. It was relased last year. It helps you to build your vocabulary.

Main features of Word Cookies APk / Software

Simple and easy

It is simply played by swiping letters over letters to form a word. In addition, the apps interface is very colorful with a variety of themes with sweet graphics.

Variety of Unique Levels

The game provides tons of levels through which you rank based on the success of previous one. Each level is categorized into different chef levels like Home Baker and Novice chef. You can find answers in the Cinnamon, Vanilla, Rose and Cherry levels. These are the first few levels that you discover when you enter your first game. After each level you complete, you earn coins that help you rise to the next level.

Shuffling function

If it seems hard to contemplate and form a word, you reshuffle the alphabets in order to spark recognition.


The game provides hints for a word in case it is difficult for you to form one. Just hit the “hint” button when it appears on the screen. This will help get a clue of the word you are looking for.

Daily rewards

There are lots of rewards and bonuses in form of coins that help you rise to higher levels.

Word Cookies APK for android
Word Cookies APk / Software

How to Install and play Word Cookies Game

The game is very interesting and attractive and can be played in a PC as well as other devices. With this, the information on how to install and be able to play the game remains of utmost importance.

Word-Cookies! ®
Price: Free+
‎Word Cookies!®
Price: Free+
Word Cookies - A Word Puzzle
Price: Kostenlos+

How to install Word Cookies App

To download and install is quite simple.

  1. Install Blue Stacks and run the installer.
  2. Complete one-time setup.
  3. Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Word Cookies.
  4. Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
  5. Once installation completes, click the word cookies icon in the “My Apps” tab.
  6. You’re all done. Enjoy playing word cookies on your PC.

How to play Word Cookies APK

The following are tips on how you can play:

  1. Simply swipe to connect each alphabet on the baking pan to form a word.
  2. Fill up Jack’s cookie jar with additional answers to earn extra coins.
  3. If a word seems to be hard, you can smash the shuffle button to help you get an idea or clue.
  4. Use the tile. The empty tile grid can often provide hints as you start to fill it in with words.
  5. Watch out for obscure words. Sometimes you may repeatedly encounter a handful of relatively obscure words, which will likely cause some difficulty. For instance, the word “Erg” which is apparently a unit of energy and work equal to some number of joules, “cine” which is an adjective in British English, referring to something cinematography related.
  6. Focus on making shorter words. Go through all rhymes in your head.
  7. If you find some words that start with a vowel, try adding a consonant.


If you love word games, I would recommend this game because of its ability to build and enhance your creativity. Every level of it has a range of words to find, from the easy to hard ones. However, you need to be careful because of its obsession and addiction effects. I would also recommend taking regular breaks in order to avoid so much time wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word cookies mean?

The word “cookie” comes from the Dutch “koekjes” which means “cake.” Cookie was introduced to English in the very early 18th Century.

What is the highest level in Word cookies?

The game has 1435 levels divided into many packs. Therefore, level 1435 is the highest level reached by the players.

Can I start the game again after reaching the end?

No, after finishing the game’s last level, you can only delete the game’s app and start again from the first level.

What happens with coins earned, if you uninstall and reinstall the app?

The coins just vanish after deleting the app and can only be gained after starting the game again and as you braise to higher levels.

Best Alternatives for Word Cookies

Just like any other game, word cookies has similar alternatives as explained below:

#1 Word Stacks App

Word Stacks is a beautiful and immersive word search game with a shape-shifting twist. Currently, it is only available for Android and iOS but you can still use on a PC by installing Blue Stacks.

To install and play following these steps:

  1. On the search bar of your browser type “download Blue Stacks”.
  2. Select the link https://wordstacks.en.softonic.com
  3. Click the blue download button and install from the extension.
  4. To play just swipe and bring the Word Stacks crashing down.

#2 Word Farm Cross Apk

It is a game that will boost your brain power and raise your spelling and vocabulary skills.

To download and install:

  1. Type “download word farm cross”
  2. Select the link https://word-farm-cross.en.softonic.com
  3. Click on the blue button and install from the extension.

#3 Word Trip Game

Word Trip is a first of its kind free word streak puzzle game where you travel through countries as you clear set puzzles. You just swipe on the word compass to find different words. By solving the puzzles through finding all words to make your way through each country.

To download and install:

  1. Install Blue Stacks and run the installer. 
  2. Complete one-time setup.
  3. Go to the search bar at the top right corner and search for Word Trip.
  4. Click the icon, then install the Google Play screen.
  5. Once installation completes, click the Word Trip icon in the “My Apps.”
  6. You’re all done. Enjoy playing Word Trip on your PC.


Word cookies is a game worth it. Together with its so many brilliant challenges, it can help improve your vocabulary and critical thinking capability.

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