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Wyze for Pc Windows MAC VISTA and Free Download

Wyze for pc


Name: Wyze

Description: Wyze is a great app for PC that allows to Windows, MAC, and VISTA. From here you can download and install the app easily.

Offer price: free

Operating System: Android

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Key Features

  • WYZE CAM for pc
  • Motion Detection
  • Sharp Night Vision
  • Built-in Two-way audio


Have you ever wanted to feel like a spy? An action movie star in a blockbuster movie who sees everything? Then you could explore the WYZE app! The WYZE app for PC is more like a personal blog that allows you to share information from the installation of the WYZE CAM app for PC. You would be able to download and use the WYZE CAM to stream live video directly to your Windows or Mac computer.

Wyze for Pc is very comfortable. The WYZE app was initially created and developed for smartphones (Android and iPhones). This powerful app for windows and pc was built with large cloud storage to easily and effectively recover live vides that have been previously recorded by the WYZE CAM. The WYZE CAM is a home surveillance application that covers all the live videos, protects the home, office, company and more.

It is a secure way of looking after your property as it allows you to stream live CAM surveillance, record videos on the cloud server, get notifications. You can talk, listen using a microphone and speaker. You even get an HD quality video in dark vision i.e. even the outward lightening does not affect the outcome of the video quality. Most of all, it works with Alexa which is your knight in shining armor, should you have any questions or need a guide just like apple’s Siri or Windows’ Cortana.

Features of Wyze cam app

WYZE CAM for pc

The most obvious feature of the WYZE app for PC is the WYZE CAM that comes with a 1080p full HD image resolution, 2.88mm focal length, 11 degrees wide angle with a ½.9” CMOS sensor. With 8x zoom capabilities, it is so clear that you can see everything so clearly regardless of the time of day it is.

Motion Detection

It comes with a motion detector that detects suspicious movements where it is installed and sends you alerts and notifications. When it detects motion in a supposed empty home, you will be notified and alerted. You can see videos of such instances. It’s more like having your extra pair of eyes watching over your home when you’re away.

Sharp Night Vision

Although not all Cameras capture well at night, the WYZE is different as it is still sharp and clear in the night. It has an IR-CUT filter, F2.0 aperture and four 850nn infrared that allows clear visuals up to 30 feet away in the dark

Smart Sound Recognition

It is also possible for the WYZE CAM to detect sound patterns of CO monitors or smoke alarms. When it detects such, it quickly sends a notification to you thereby allowing you to act faster especially if you’re far away.

Built-in Two-way audio

Imagine being in your own house when you’re physically there. The WYZE CAM allows you to communicate with people in your house or your pets while you’re in actual fact away because of its built-in speaker and microphone.

What you should know before installing;

Wyze for pc so much suitable. Even with all these great features, the app is not completely perfect. Because In order to control the WYZE CAM, you would have to use its accompanying app which is the WYZE app which used to be accessed on smartphones and tablets. But if you are a person that prefers to access apps on your pc instead of your phone, there are sneaky ways for you to download and install the WYZE app on your windows/mac computers.

How to download and install Wyze on PC WINDOWS, MAC, and VISTA

  • You need to first understand that the WYZE app cannot work with an android emulator installed on your computer. These android emulators allow you to download and run android apps on your computer just like your phone. If you do not have an android emulator, you can download by simply searching the web. I would, however, recommend the best emulators that possess user-friendly interface which are Nox app player, XePlayer and Bluestacks. Run the emulator on your computer.
  • These emulators are free and easy to download. You can also get their installation package from their site. If you are using Bluestacks, it would require you to create a Bluestacks account. When that is done, you can go ahead with the next step.
  • The emulators work exactly like a new smartphone so log in your google account on to the google play store, search for WYZE from the google play store search bar, it could present similar apps and icons but select the WYZE CAM app, download and it would automatically get installed to your device. An alternative is to import the WYZE APK from the site and add to the emulators, run the app just like you have just downloaded it earlier.
  • The emulator automatically turns the file into a useable app on your computer. After the process has been completed, you would find your WYZE app on your android emulator homepage and there you have it! Double click on the shortcut and log in or if you are new, create your WYZE account to start using it.

How to set up your WYZE CAM APK

  • After you have downloaded the WYZE app and created your WYZE account. Make your WIFI network name and password readily available.
  • Make sure your camera is connected to a power outlet and wait for about 20 seconds or till the status of the light shows yellow.
  • Press the setup button until you hear a voice prompt, then follow the guide in the WYZE app to complete your camera setting process.


How do I update my WYZE app for pc to the latest version?

Treat the android emulator like you using your android on your pc. Go to google play store or apple store depending on the computer you are using. Search for WYZE and click on update. 

How many WYZE cameras can I connect?

It is possible for you to connect up to three WYZE cameras. With one of the cameras plugged into a power outlet, you can simply connect it to the second camera by using a USB to USB cable.

Can I use WYZE without a WIFI connection?

It is absolutely possible to use the WYZE CAM without the internet as long as it is connected to a power source.

Is the WYZE app free?

Yes, For the first 12 seconds, the WYZE CAM automatically records an even video when it detects sounds or motions. These videos are then uploaded to the cloud via end-to-end encryption and are only accessible for 14 days freely. It will still send you notifications are the slightest motion detected and you can watch the live feed. But, subscribing to Ring’s protection plan allows your videos to save in the cloud storage for a period of 60 days. You can subscribe at a monthly payment of $3.99 and $30 in a year per camera.

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