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XSplit for Mac

Name: XSplit

Description: XSplit for Mac is a live video streaming and mixing technology built and maintained by SplitmediaLabs. This program is basically used to capture live streaming or video recording gameplay and there is no version for Mac of the app. IPhone users will also use the alternative version of the application which is also having similar characteristics as XSplit. Do your videos and game recording as you like and share with friends.

Offer price: Premium

Operating System: Mac

Application Category: video software

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Key Features

  • Whiteboard source
  • Apply time regulators to your streams
  • Copy and paste source
  • 360 Projection
  • Scene preview editor
  • Faster screen capture


  • Multimedia additions to your stream to publish them
  • You can from your comment section communicate with your fans.
  • It allows the player to publish their games.


  • In the first place, here is no guarantee that your stream will have some views.
  • you do not have the ability to easily upload your stream with some platforms
  • Viewers will only see new modification made.

Main features of the XSplit

The best app for gamers

XSplit for Mac is a necessity in the online gaming community. It is a very useful program in and available for gamers. You must have this software to participate in video games with an exceptional streaming experience. Very few programs can perform the wonders that XSplit performs. It allows you to make streams of video that can be uploaded to a variety of platforms and shared with the general public online

You control the video broadcast

XSplit for Mac gives you full access to the video you want to broadcast. You suddenly decided to make changes to a video before publishing it, choose to add a variety of multimedia additions. You can thus include other video calls which will allow you to have more collaboration during the streaming. You can include pictures and videos as well as video calls.

Improve the quality of your stream

Choosing to add videos and photos will not only improve the quality of your streaming, but it will also make it more pleasant for your fans. In fact, it is one of the best apps available on the market.  This app can also have as advantage, the ability to chat with other viewers via the comment section which make the experience interactive on the whole.

How to download and use XSplit

How to download XSplit

XSplit is not available on Mac but only available for Windows users. Nevertheless, you can use Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac which will permit you to install and use XSplit.

  1. Download XSplit streaming software.  Create an XSplit account using your Twitch profile. 
  2. Start XSplit and log in with your Twitch account. Open the game you want to stream.
  3. Start capturing your screen. Do not forget to add a Twitch Chat
  4. Next, you can set your resolution according to the frame rate and bitrate
  5. It is time to set the audio without which it would be a disaster after the video setup
  6. For gamers, you need to follow the steps by adding your capture card as a source in XSplit
  7. The next step is for PC gamers, you should add automatic game capture detect

How to use XSplit 

This app is easy to use; you just have to know where each entity is located. Next enjoy, enjoy and enjoy streaming.

  1. Adding a source: in the lower left corner, press the “ Add ” button it will allow you add lots of different sources to your app.
  2. Then adjusts the parameters; you can change most of the parameters of the app, such as the keyboard
  3. Start recording; start by clicking on the shortcut key previously configured.


I will advise anyone, beginner or professional in gaming to use this app. XSplit has already proven itself in the world of video game streaming as the best of all. You will have as an advantage, the possibility to communicate with other gamers from the comments section and also to make certain modification when using the app.

Frequently asked question

F asked Qustion
  1. Can I use multiple images in a source?

Yes, you are lucky to be able to use multiple images using the image slideshow plugin.

  1. Can I use XSplit on my Mac?

No, XSplit is currently Windows only. You can use XSplit on your Mac, if you use the Boot Camp installer to install Window on your Mac. So, you can use XSplit easily.

  1. How do I setup a stream delay?

To avoid snipping / ghosting, you have the possibility of, modifying a delay of diffusion for your streaming. This will prevent your opponent from taking advantage of you by exposing your stream. The stream delay set will not determine with exactitude the delay for all your viewers.  Transcoding, transportation delay, etc. also come into factor.

Alternatives of XSplit for Mac

Although the Mac version of the app is not yet available, you can try the apps that have similar features as XSplit. These apps work perfectly well on Mac so, do not hesitate to try them for your recordings.

  • OBS 24.0

Open Broadcaster Software an open source app that is necessary for video recording and do live streaming. The Multiplatform version of OBS is completely rewritten from the ground up. It has as objective to become a multi-support, a more systematic feature set and a strong API.

  • Ustream Producer

With this app, it is possible for you to modify the settings of broadcasting from your Mac computer. Data surfing is accessible with this app not to talk about the app supporting various resolutions and excellent video levels. This is just a perfect app for your Mac because it allows you to browse in high quality just as an Ustream’s website.

  • Wirecast

You need an app that will permit you to record and transmit live streams, Wirecast the adequate app for you. Its interface is simple and makes it easy for every to use. This interface makes it possible for the user to have full control over video broadcast, encoder and media content that you stream. It is effective and supports audio, video and full formats. Most importantly, this app allows you to choose and modify evolutions between files. You can attach output source to the app such as a microphone.

  • CamTwist

This is a special app because apart from the known features of this app, it has a special package that lets you add special effects when you do video chats. What is special with this app is that, it can also more than enough videos chat programs at once. 


XSplit for Mac is the app that everyone must have on its PC, phone or Mac book because the features that it offers are unbelievable. For iPhone and Mac User their version has not yet been developed, but as cited above some alternatives exist that fulfill or same features as XSplit exist left for you to choose from them and fully enjoy its feature.

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