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Zedge Android App

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Name: Zedge

Description: The Zedge For PC works fine to get ringtones and wallpaper by using the web browser. Do you like Zedge on your Android Or Iphone? You can now download Zedge to customize your widgets and backgrounds.

Offer price: Freemium

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Utility

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Key Features

  • Thousands of free and fixed live wallpapers
  • Download ringing tones and notification tones for your phone and desktop
  • One click access to everything you need
  • Everything is arranged into categories
  • Personalize your phone the way you want it
  • All files are saved in a folder on your phone for easy access
  • Set wallpaper from within the app
  • Set wallpapers to change automatically
  • Widgets are available to apply


  • Clear interface improves uptime
  • Products are grouped by category,
  • You can save your favorite wallpapers, ringtones etc.


  • To access the ringtones you need to purchase Zedge Premium.

Features of the Zedge app

Tones and wallpapers for your Android

Personalize your phone or tablet because it has become easier and more beautiful. Zedge is an app that allows you to download ringtones and wallpapers to help you customize your phone the way you want it.  It provides ringtones, alarm sounds, notification sounds and many more.


What makes the Zedge app so popular and has increased user demand are the thousands of ringtones available here.  It has HD wallpapers for mobile phones, tablets or any other device. There are categories that depend on the specific group for easy search results.  Smart search enables it to find results compatible with your mobile device. Zedge makes it easy for you to link wallpapers or ringtones directly to the app and you don’t have to overcome menu settings.

Large collection

Within the Zedge app interface, there is a large collection of wallpapers and ringtones, all divided into themes based on themes.  You can add your favorites in “Favorites”. All beautiful and artistic backgrounds are free to download although some tones cost a few dollars.  Rest assured, you have the freedom to design your phone on your way. There are ringtones from famous songs, even dialogues or funny sounds.

Save to your favorites for download later

Not just ring tones, Zedge offers you thousands of notification sounds for texts or emails.  So, yes, you can completely customize your phone as a reflection of your personality. Connect the app through Facebook and sync your favorite lists from any device you use.  You can share your wallpapers through your social media accounts.

Personalize your phone with HD wallpapers and ringtones

By categorizing into categories, the app allows you to easily search and select.  Choose from music, comedy, landscapes, or movies to choose to express yourself in the best possible way.  You can even change the app icons to match your wallpaper.

There are stylish HD wallpapers ranging from famous brand names to iconic scenes from movies or sporting events.  There are inspirational quotes, landscapes and entertainment for you to be fascinated. Live wallpapers let you set animated pictures as your wallpaper.

Download Zedge App for Android

‎ZEDGE™ Wallpapers

How to download Zedge for PC?

This application can also be used on a Mac computer.  If you are looking to install ZEDGE on a computer, you will find two ways to install ZEDGE on a computer using the BlueStacks and Nox app player.  Download and install ZEDGE on PC (Windows and Mac OS)

ZEDGE App for pc

Install ZEDGE on a computer using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Android app launcher that allows you to run Android apps on a computer.  Here are the steps how to install any app on your computer with Bluestacks:

  • To get started, install BlueStacks on your computer
  • BlueStacks launch on PC
  • Once BlueStacks starts up, click on the My Apps button in the emulator
  • Search for: ZEDGE
  • You will only see a search result for the ZEDGE app, install it
  • Log in to your Google Account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • After logging in, the installation process for ZEDGE will start depending on your internet connection.

Tips: If you are having trouble with LOADING with BlueStacks, just install Microsoft .net Framework on your computer.  Or comment below your problem.

If you Want you can Download resources by web browser. They are giving the options!

Install ZEDGE in the computer with Nox

  • Follow the following steps:
  • Install the Nox app launcher on your computer
  • It’s an Android emulator, after installing Nox on my computer, and logging into your Google account
  • Tab Finder and search for: ZEDGE
  • Install ZEDGE on the Nox emulator
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to play ZEDGE on your computer.

How to use Zedge for PC in 6 easy steps?

  1. Go to www.zedge.com on your computer’s internet browser
  2. Get an account
  3. Select the type of phone you will use
  4. Select the song and click on it
  5. Click on the blue button that says “Get Ringtone”
  6. Select and save the ringtone to your device or computer
ZEDGE Android App


Zedge is an interesting app. It gives you access to ringtones and games.  Suppose you have a problem downloading the best ringtone or mobile widgets?  Access to the Zedge app to give a great insight into the graphical user interface.  Depending on the user’s need, it contains different categories to entertain users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My wallpaper or ringtone has not been published.  Why?

Zedge has a few simple rules to follow to ensure your content is viewed by other Zedgers.  Community tips can be found here.

2. Can I download pictures and sound from my cell phone?

Yes, you can now download pictures and audio files from your cell phone.

3. I registered successfully but did not receive my registration email

Spam filters and other email features can stop emails like this and you should check the spam folder and if you (or your internet service provider) are using spam filters etc.

4. Why are not all the items from the old site in the new site?

If you are a long time on Zedge, you may find that not all items may be migrated to your new profile.  This is probably because we no longer support all of the old screen sizes from older phone models.

Best Alternatives for Zedge app

1. Backdrops

Backdrops is another wallpaper downloader app.  The first screen of the app contains four sections – community, exploration, groups and favorites.  Before I talk about each of these sections, let me tell you that the images are also divided into different categories like Summary, Food, Style, etc. which can be found in the side menu of the app.

Here, you can find the photos uploaded by different application users.  You can also upload an image, but to do that, you’ll need to sign in first.  The next one is “Explore.”

You can find all images in the app here.  When clicking on any image, you will find details such as resolution, size, etc.  From this screen, you can perform other tasks such as saving the image, setting it as wallpaper or marking it as a favorite.  Like ZEDGE, This app contains a search bar but with a better algorithm.

2. Backgrounds HD

If you mainly use ZEDGE for backgrounds, Backgrounds HD can be another good option.  Like ZEDGE, you can view modern and popular wallpapers in the app.

The popular tab is revised to daily, weekly, monthly, and all times popular.  In addition, the wallpapers are divided into different categories such as animals, buildings and cars, which makes it easy for you to find the right image.  The app features dynamic search which means that you will get suggestions for tags as soon as you start typing in the search bar.

3. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

MTP ringtones and wallpapers has a very similar interface to ZEDGE.  If you are a fan of ZEDGE interface, you will not be disappointed when switching to this app.  I can’t follow enough similarities with ZEDGE.  It provides both ringtones and wallpapers with subcategories for each.  Unlike ZEDGE, search results are first shown by search term before being shown for individual words, making it the clearest candidate as an alternative.

The variety of wallpapers available is unparalleled.  You can now download Zedge for PC to access unlimited free wallpapers, ringtones and games.

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